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Dinglepharb Studios Announces Upcoming Facebook Game, Woldtown

Dinglepharb Studios today announced that it was bringing the incredibly popular Chinese casual game VVDragon to the rest of the world with Woldtown, a colourful, friendly and free to play social game that will be coming to Facebook in the Spring of 2010.

“We have seen an incredible response to VVDragon thus far in China, and we can’t wait to bring this level of excitement and enthusiasm to Facebook users worldwide,” said Nathan Agulto, CEO of Dinglepharb Studios. “Kids will love Woldtown due to its friendly characters and bright, vibrant colours and older gamers will love the 3D environment, addicting mini-games and outfitting their avatar and home.”

Woldtown is a full virtual world ready for you to explore! Hailing from the beautiful planet Kream at the opposite end of the universe, the Wolds are a race of miniature, magical dragons. They possess the ability to fly, morph into all kinds of different objects, and love to throw pies at each other! But back on Earth, the evil Dr. Boring has been watching the Wolds through his Boriscope and desires the Wolds’ magical power for himself! In an attempt to bring the magic Krystal that gives the Wolds their powers back to Earth, Dr. Boring also accidentally brought back 24 Wolds. Once landing on Earth, the Krystal shattered into 1,000 pieces all over Woldtown – the Wolds must find all these pieces before Dr. Boring and his henchman to save their magic and prevent Earth from falling under Dr. Boring’s rule!

Play as one of 24 Wold avatars, earning WoldCash currency through a series of jobs, quests and exceptional mini-games, which can be used to buy upgrades for both your Wold and your Wold’s home. Explore the over 100 unique and fun locations that Woldtown offers, all in full 3D and all for free. Play online with your Facebook friends, but watch out for flying pies! Use WoldCash to upgrade your pies, throwing abilities, and even buy shields to protect you from your friend’s pies!

Well I know more than a few people who are going to be addicted to this game when it’s released. For further information on Woldtown please visit the Facebook fan page here:

For more information on Dinglepharb Studios please visit their website here:

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Dinglepharb Studios Announces Upcoming Facebook Game, Woldtown, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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