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FIFA 10 Ultimate Team: Buggy as Hell!

That’s an hour of my life I’ll never get back

As we know last year FIFA Ultimate Team’s release was quite frankly, a PR disaster. Worse still was the fact that the game was 800 Microsoft points and barely worked for a week. This time round on the surface the game appeared smooth and without faults, however with extensive play from its own community. FIFA 10: Ultimate Team is full of bugs and annoyances that have been sending fans of the series rife onto the EA community forums. Needless to say we were aware but didn’t feel it warranted much attention, until it happened to us. Quite what happened to us could be perceived as the most gutting experience anyone has witnessed playing the game to date. Let me share that with you but before I go into that I would like you all to go comment at the bottom of this post and share your buggy experiences with us, so we can get a real idea of just how widespread affected these problems are. Once we’ve collated the feedback we’ll address them to the EA Sports UK PR for an answer.

As you may (or may not) be aware a new feature in this years edition is the introduction of limited time tournaments. These often have criterias such as a minimum number of players from the same nation. These tournaments have a threshold date by which you have to win the tournament often making them attractive to players. We managed to get into the introductory online cup and finally after several hours of tweaking, trading and buying packs (with credits, not cash) we finally had a team that we could take online with and have a chance of beating our opposition. Matches were tense, often end to end stuff. The experience was heart pounding to say the least, the allure of winning a trophy that you simply will not come across again was as engaging as the old Tiger Woods realtime events calender that we so yearn for a return (or inclusion in FIFA 11) to the Tiger Woods series.

We just managed to scrape through the semi-finals with an intricate one-two into the box and yes, we rode our luck quite a few times. After a tense last 10 minutes we found ourselves into the finals. The final was more nerve racking than Rio Ferdinand having a weed test before an international. The match went into extra time with both teams at a scintillating 2-2. Several post and crossbar shots later the game went into penalties. Goal, Goal, Goal. It looked as though the keepers would never save a shot, until our Italian stronghold guardian managed to tip a shot over the bar. We proceeded to miss one of our penalties under the pressure and the game was tied at 13-13. Our opponent managed to send his last penalty straight through to the keepers arms leaving us with the chance for glory. Up stepped Maccarone and bang! GOAL!!! We had won the cup, euphoria and joy. That was until we saw the match ending screen, where it said WE LOST!!!! How the hell can EA make such a stupid error? Was the network fudging up at the time, or is high scoring penalty finishes prone to glitch? We’re unsure but what we do know is that we’ve now seen Ultimate Team for what it is, a great game addition marred by poor testing and server issues. So the one plus hour I spent progressing through the knockout stages was for nothing, not a dime. What a waste. Will EA please fix this mode, or at least release it when you are 100% confident no problems will arise. Who did the testing for this release? Stevie Wonder?!

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FIFA 10 Ultimate Team: Buggy as Hell!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
  • Alan Baxter

    Great article, funny stuff. Sham about the glitch though, EA servers have always been shite.

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  • bkmelendez

    Shame this is happening considering EA is cash cow in comparison to Konami. There really isn’t a reason for me to buy Ultimate Team after seeing the video review and this article. Rule number one of any franchise is leave any features that fans love in the next installment. What bonehead decided to get rid of playing as your Virtual Pro and the Collector’s Album?

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