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God Of War 3′s Development Cost? Pricey!

It has been announced that the highly anticipated third installment in the God of War franchise has cost Sony a staggering $44 million to develop. Jon Hight, the director of product Development at the Santa Monica studios, said the following at a recent promotional event for the game:

“We spent 44 million dollars to make God of War III

“It’s our goal of course to take this investment and technology and show it off for the next game.”

“We’re also capable of doing other IP. And that may be something we may be exercising in the next couple of months … as far as exploring different things. But we’re gonna try and get another game out on the PS3 for sure.”

It was also said that they was 132 people on the development team for God of War 3, compared to the 60 people it took to develop God of War 2. For Sony’s sake, I hope they haven’t just wasted $44 million and the time of 132 people! We’ll find out when the game is released in 10 days on March 19th.

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