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Motor Heat - Xbox 360 Indie Games Review
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If speed kills, then i’m game.

One of my favorite games of all time has to be Enduro Racer for the Master System. The game is truly epic, even if after several levels you are repeating the same process over again to beat the clock into progressing further. Then another game I loved was the original Burnout for the PS2. The against the clock nature of the game, left you on knife edge and unfortunately the series drifted away from the clock and allot of the thrill and nail biting went with it. Fortunately there is an answer for those that crave racing games where time is of the essence. Motor Heat by Milkstone Studios melds classic gameplay with fantastic visuals to put a modern twist on an all time, if not forgotten racing genre.

Speed kills, no shit!

Motor Heat the game is simple, you have to complete waves of stretching road and weave your way around cars that are on the motorway. Crash into the cars and you are looking at a ten second penalty. You are against the clock and every second really counts. Added to the game is the ability to apply boost and by driving dangerously you are rewarded with nitrous oxide to blast out of your exhaust pipe. By completing each wave you change the scenary and feel of the level slightly, whether it be a colour filter or weather changing, it combines elements of all those retro racing games like Lotus Turbo Challenge and Outrun to varying degrees. Adding in a modern 90′s twist is the powerup and these become especially useful in Motor Heat. You can increase your multiplyer, time and become invincible for a short while to aid you through that short time band to get to the next wave. Where this actually becomes competative is the fact that you have an online leaderboard and you can even gloat by messaging all of your friends your finished world ranking. We really like this and feel it’s a clever move as people maybe tempted to take up the game and purchase it for themselves.

So you get an idea of the gameplay, how does it feel exactly? Well, you don’t need to worry about oversteer or understeer here, there is none, nor do the roads wind unnecessarily sharp like those classic racers of yesteryear. Your only real enemy are the white cars, who will be a pack of bastards and not even have the decency to indicate when they are changing lanes. The car itself feels sturdy and glides across the lanes with no real feel about it, it reminds me of a kids toy slightly where you control a car during the night and you simply switch lanes at full speed with nothing more than a glide. The games standing out point are the visuals. They are beautiful. They are easily the best on Xbox Indie and the art style can be forgiven for being taken out of Burnout Paradise. There are a few shaky graphical edges such as some of the background textures don’t look as sharp as the rest of the image and the NPC car models are quite shit in comparison to the excellent car you drive, but to take away anything from this game because of that would simply be a sin.

At 240 Microsoft points Motor Heat is a very well justified purchase. The game has an addicting quality about it and the fact that it looks visually appealing, instead of a piece of ass most certainly helps. Is it as good as the original Enduro Racer? No, but it’s much more fun to play than the original Outrun and that has to be taken as a compliment by itself. If you want to throw down the gauntlet and become the speed demon then I can’t think of a better twitch game out there to get your kicks against the clock. Buy it. Oh, did I mention the game also has an awards system since a recent update? Well it does! So more reason to play it, less reason to kill your speed.

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Motor Heat - Xbox 360 Indie Games Review, 9.4 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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