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Tiger Woods 11 Release Date Announced

It’s time to whip it your Driver and Putter again (even if Tiger won’t be using his for a while!) as the inevitable yearly release of one of the most popular sports franchises is only a few months away. Tiger Woods 11 is set for a June 8th release.

PS3 owners can get excited about the news that the upcoming motion controller sensor will be available to use with Tiger Woods 11, and therefore we can be virtually swinging our way to a hole-in-one come June 8th instead of using the wearingly-thin analogue system. No word on whether we’ll be able to use Natal yet though for the 360, so the PS3 might be a better choice of console if you’re lucky enough to own both.

I’m for one excited to see Tiger again this year; even if it is only his pearly white virtual smile instead of the real one!

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