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Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island Review
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Break the voodoo spell. This game is insanely difficult!

Firstly I would like to get straight out of the hatch here and question some of the scores other review sites have given this game. Have other writers of the gaming press been cast under some nasty voodoo spell? I seem to remember stumbling across one site giving this game an A rating, a score definitely not warranted. Whilst I can’t even begin to decipher the reasoning behind the generally favourable scores for Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island I shall give you a full rundown of our review.

gpvi feature Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island Review

Who's in the frame?

Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island is a point and click adventure title that kicks off with an unfortunate circumstance, three protagonists are bound together to introduce the game are all seemingly killed however thanks to one of your characters whom is a voodoo priest you find yourself alive as ghosts with your mortal corpses under a spell that has kept them slightly alive. The premise of the game is to unravel the plotline, collect and use objects and logic to eventually leave your spirits and return back to human form and to save Captain Flint and your other crew. The storyline is brought together nicely with some beautifully hand drawn cut scenes which are complimented by a decent voice acting cast. Your other characters are Jane Starling (a pirate captain spy) and Blue Belly (Pirate Cook) In terms of how endearing these characters are we only really found that Blue Belly had that factor to him with his rather Scottish sounding accent and fat belly. Playing with Papa Doc can be slightly annoying, his token Black African voice becomes a little bit like someone scratching their nails down a chalkboard when you have to hear the same line of dialogue continuously when finding the correct combination or invisible trigger point.

Some of the dialogue in Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island is rather humorous for instance; “It’s all right to leave a mess if you’re saving the world.” Oh actually that’s not funny at all, you see I could of sworn in the game he stated “It’s alright to leave during a mass if you’re saving the world” Now that’s funny! The problem you have then, is regional dialect doesn’t mix well when you have no subtitles. God knows what other quotes I may have mistaken. With the lack of subtitles we drive into our next annoyance, repeating dialogue. If you are investigating each screen and trying to figure out the solution to a puzzle, hearing the same quote repeating itself is rather tiresome, the ability to not skip the voice of the characters compiles this to a problem that simply isn’t resolvable.

gpvi1 Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island Review

Voodoo Face, like Papashungo from WWE

When investigating you can interact with objects or generally examine them, however some objects will not become interactive until you find all the clickable areas on the screen. This prevents the game progressing and actually makes this the biggest stumbling block of the game. By purposely making the player look for everything in the game, obvious solutions become convoluted and in the end you’ll randomly start clicking the screen and trying every conceivable object just to get an end result. This is compounded by the fact that this happens within the first fifteen minutes of the game, this is dangerous for any developer to do as it has the potential of throwing off the player’s interest, so much so that I ended up giving the game to Ninja Dave to play through. David is a resident point and click fan and being such a fan of the Monkey Island series, it was second nature to let him pit his wits against Autumn Moon’s work. Fortunately several days into the reviewing process a walkthrough guide found it’s way onto the internet and without it, we’d never had been able to complete this title. Even if the solution is obvious you can’t skip steps and some of the object combinations require the brain to have access to more than the 10% we can tap into.

The Vooju world is certainly quirky in style.

Expanding upon the convoluted game play, a good example of the games problem resides around it taking a considerable amount of time to do something that should only take five minutes. For instance instead of taking some chicken feed and laying it on the salt (salt has voodoo properties and cannot be crossed by ghosts) you have to get zombies to fight each other to cause a flurry of coconut milk to roll down a mountain side and cool lava dow.n To get the zombies to fight each other you need to get them to stop guarding the coconuts so you can pick them up. You then need to push a zombie off a ladder, push a wooden support so the zombie’s line manager gets knocked out and eventually you can get the zombies fighting with each other. Then you need to get the chickens to cross the coconut trail as there wasn’t enough chicken feed to get them to follow you down your original route. What a long winded process! This may have been an acceptable logic puzzle had the game not require you to click everything in the process first and in the right order.

Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island does have a charm factor whether it be in its dialog or the beautifully rendered cut scenes but cut to the core gameplay and even its unique ability to control three individual characters makes this game a non-starter. If you can find the solutions then give this game a try, it has a good story a generally good voice cast and its presentation is nice to consume, just don’t say we never warned you when you start tearing your hair out at the needlessly difficult object combinations and rather stupid invisible trigger system start to wear down your patience. Shiver me timbers.

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Rating: 10.0/10 (3 votes cast)
Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
  • https://?u=TheFinalHighlander David Mcmurdo

    Everything about this game screams Monkey Island to the extent that I’m amazed they were brave enough to go with the same pirate theme.

  • Me

    You found this game insanely hard…?

    I just finished it and didn’t see anything particularly perplexing about it… I really really enjoyed it and appreciated having something to fill the gaps between the Monkey Island installments!

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