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Highlander Review
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I made this review about a year ago and thought it could find a home here on Wedotech. So enjoy my review of Highlander A.K.A. the best film ever made.

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Rating: 10.0/10 (6 votes cast)
Highlander Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
  • https://?u=Josh-sama Josh-sama

    The best film ever made? Argueable! The films acting wasn’t poor, but it wasn’t great. It had an epic storyline fair play, but there are a lot better films out there which top Highlander. Although it still is a great film, you can’t justify it as the best.
    Must be said, the anime was AWESOME aswell :D !

  • https://?u=StevenTaylor Steven Taylor

    Its just his opinion, jeez.

  • https://?u=amiga1200games amiga1200games

    Ah…yes. I remember this video very well. Still great today as it always was, you should really produce a video for Highlander 2. It would be nice to hear your opinions on the film.

  • Arturo

    Even after David explained really well, “the highlander saga, like any piece of art, is subject to the interpretation of the person experiencing it”, this guy still makes that comment?

  • https://?u=Josh-sama Josh-sama

    Woah woah woah…. I didn’t mean to come across as a bigot or asshole. Just simply saying, I don’t think it can be justified as the best film ever made, but I don’t deny it is a great film.


  • https://?u=bax88 Alan Baxter

    We all know that the best film ever made is Cool Runnings :D

  • https://?u=TheFinalHighlander David Mcmurdo

    “Alan… ya dead mon?”

    “No… but I have to finish de review”.

  • https://?u=bax88 Alan Baxter

    Touche! I see you have a good taste in films.

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