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Toy Story Blu-ray Review
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Growing up, every child has their favourite toy which they religiously play with, lovingly keeping by their side and cherish for many years. Little do the children know though that the toys have personalities of their own and spring to life Everytime humans leave the room; at least this is the case in Pixar’s legendary film Toy Story, released way back in 1995.

Young Andy’s favourite toy is a confident and slightly arrogant cowboy called Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks). Woody has the utmost respect of all the other toys living in the bedroom, being their friend and leader at the same time. This all changes though when Andy’s birthday comes around and he receives an ultra-cool new toy called Buzz Lightyear (voiced by Tim Allen). Buzz is a space ranger who has tons of nifty features such as wings, a laser attached to his arm and voice-activating buttons. Andy and the other toys begin favouring Buzz over Woody, bringing out the cowboys jealous side and forcing him to hatch a plan to eliminate the toy from the bedroom so he can once again rule the roost. However, the suspicious Mr. Potato Head, Rex the dinosaur and Slinky the dog, along with the other toys witness the incident and accuse Woody of murdering Buzz. To clear his name and gain the respect of the toys back, Woody must go on an adventure to find Buzz and bring him safely back to the house.

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Toy Story was one of the first animated films to be released and captured the imagination of children all over the world. Full of likeable characters and fun filled jokes, the story is also a character in the film and provides the important morals of friendship to the children watching. Don’t be mistaken though, Toy Story isn’t just to be enjoyed by children as it has captivated millions of adults around the world, including myself. Millions of pounds and dollars have been made through Buzz Lightyear and Woody merchandise such as the toys featured in the film themselves, lunch boxes, pencil cases etc… Toy Story has without a doubt been inspiration to many animated films that have followed over the years as it proved there was a huge market audience for animated films.

The Pixar crew did a great job in animating the characters and bringing the world alive in the film. Everything looks so natural and each toy moves in their own, significant way. You will struggle to find a recent animated film that surpasses the quality of Toy Story, and this is an incredible feat when you consider the film was released 15 years ago! The film also contains a great soundtrack which was nominated for an Oscar, along with the films main song “You’ve got a friend” which fits perfectly with the theme and mood of the film. The whole cast provide solid voice acting performances and you can tell how passionate they all were for the project; particularly Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. The cohesion between these 2 characters is remarkable and works extremely well on film.

Like all other Pixar Blu-rays, Toy Story looks jaw-dropping on Blu-ray and easily ranks amongst the best animated picture quality discs out there; especially when you consider the film was released in 1995. Disney and Pixar spared no detail when animating and putting the final touches to the film, and this can be seen via the stunning amount of detail present. Whether it be the Rex the dinosaurs skin, Woody’s shiny hat, the lounges detailed chair or the solid and predominant colours, you are sure to be amazed and highly satisfied and I can confidently say this is by far the best Toy Story has ever looked.

I personally don’t tend to watch special features but was intrigued as to what Pixar had to offer after falling in love with the film. Firstly, there is a bunch of special features exclusive to this special edition Blu-ray release. These include a sneak peak view of Toy Story 3 which will be released at cinemas on June 18th, Audio Commentary you can listen to while watching the film, and some entertaining “Studio Stories” where Pixar employs hand-draw some humorous real life stories that occurred during the making off the film. All of these features are presented in High Definition. To compliment these Blu-ray exclusive features, all of the special features from original DVD are also available, but unfortunately only in Standard Definition. These features include the making of Toy Story, Deleted Scenes, The Legacy of Toy Story etc and all of these features combine to provide a solid offering and one that Toy Story fans can be pleased with.

To conclude, you must have Toy Story in your Blu-ray collection if you have the slightest interest in animation films, or even just stunning picture quality Blu-rays. The movie itself is a masterpiece. Chuck in some entertaining Special Features and you have a must-own Blu-ray! Highly Recommended.

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Toy Story Blu-ray Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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