James Ireland On March - 27 - 2010

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  • https://?u=bax88 Alan Baxter

    Haha great review mate

  • https://?u=amiga1200games amiga1200games

    Looks very nice and congratulations on quitting.

  • https://www.E-Lites.co.uk Adrian Everett

    Great Review James! Thank you very much for your kind support…. Look out for the E-Pro3 with an LCD screen on the pack to display your power levels, and a rather handy torch built in to help you find your car keys!

  • https://www.girlgamersuk.com GGGoblin

    Nice review James. Being a 40+ a day smoker, I tried these out a while back (not this brand, but same idea) and found them to be great. However, I cannot say if this applies to all, but I found that I was smoking more whilst “vaping”. I also found that the cost of the cartridges actually worked out more expensive than smoking, simply because the carts do not last as long as they are advertised to!
    The trick is to slowly lower the strength of the cartridges (they usually come in varying strengths) until you find yourself using the nicotine free carts, then you can gradually wean yourself off the mental addiction of having to hold a ciggy.
    I actually ended up buying some nicotine liquid and refilling the carts myself. The liquid comes in a variety of different flavours aswell and, as flavour was not important to me (I wanted the nicotine and the feel of a ciggy) I went for cheery flavour.
    Sadly, my e-cig broke and then I was straight back onto the smokes. If anyone wants to try this method for giving up, and it really works better than any of the nicotine replacement therapy, make sure that you stock up on spare parts etc.
    Also, be aware that the government is trying to ban these in the UK.

    And congrats on kicking the habit James.

  • https://www.freetrialfrenzy.com/ electronic cigarette review

    Great blog you have here. Keep up the great work.

  • https://electronicvaporcigarette.net amy

    Great post and very helpful. I have recently switched to e-cigs and I hope to help promote the use of them. Free of chemicals and tar, unlike traditional cigarettes.

  • Adrian

    Was this posted by a competitor company by any chance? E-Lites are the UK’s number 1 company as voted by the leading hospitality magazine - I welcome a chat with you about your experience. Please contact me through our website and I will be happy to discuss this.
    Adrian Everett

  • Anonymous

    No idea Adrian. Got any new models you need review these days?

  • https://www.ecigator.com/ Electronic Cigarette

    thanks for this great review video~~~Try it, it works.

  • Paulrussell

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  • Anonymous

    E-Lites e-cigarettes are tobacco alternatives and provide costumers with a legal and familiar way to satisfy the nicotine craving.

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