James Ireland On March - 28 - 2010

This year alone we have reviewed quite a few DVD players, one from Sovos, one from Next Click and now is the turn of the Coby 7. For intensive purposes all of these DVD players are really for those that are on the move, those that have laborious car journey’s to make and want to keep their kids entertained in the process. The Coby from the off looks like a really nice product, with its sleek shiny black facia giving it a modern look it already scores brownie points as it’s a damn fine looking device. One of the biggest draws with the Coby 7 in comparison to other DVD players we have reviewed this year is down to the fact that they are ultra portable. These 7″ players are small and compact and can be taken anywhere in theory, even if your use resided outside of the car itself. What we like especially about the Coby 7 is the fact it has DivX support, not many of these type of players do and it really makes it stand out in the crowd to have this type of codec support. Afterall who wants to take their DVD originals around with them all over the country, I sure as heckfire wouldn’t, DivX support is great as it will enable you to make legal backups of your own DVD’s and you can watch them knowingly that if the discs ever were to get scratched, it’s not a major issue.

coby7 Coby 7 Twin Widescreen TFT Portable DVD Player

Sleek design, guaranteed

Inside the box, the Coby 7″ comes with;

  • Full Function Remote Control
  • AV Cable 100-240V
  • Home charger
  • Car charger
  • Car Cassette Adapter
  • 2 Stereo Earbuds
  • Twin Headrest Mounting Bags
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • There are quite a few leads to set up this device as opposed to other versions on the market, but it’s so easy you wouldn’t require anyone to fit them for you. The DVD menu has some interesting features too, the ability to put parental controls onto them are a godsend and the anti-skip detection doesn’t go a miss either, especially if for some random reason you decide to go off roading, okay that maybe stretching it a little far. JPEG, MP3, DVDR+/RW are all supported as well as the already mentioned coveted DivX, so you are getting quite allot of support there. Obviously having one DVD player magically play it on two screens is quite a quirky feature and we were quite surprised how it was made possible by the device, there simply is no need for a second copy of a DVD to get immersed into the action. Sound is adequate, not the best around but more than acceptable and if we were to critisise this DVD player in anyway it would be down to the fact that the second screen will not run when the Coby 7 is running on batteries, a shame. The DVD player kit runs at around £130.00 currently and that’s not a shabby price, there are certainly more expensive models around that perhaps off you a more safety secure kit, such as the NextClick but if that isn’t your main priority then the Coby 7 is a good shout for your money. For more information on this product why not check out Coby Electronics online

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