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Dead Space 2 Demo Confirmed

An announcement today by Visceral Games has confirmed that a demo for Dead Space 2 will arrive, and be more accessible and useful to the gamer this time around. The original games demo arrived a month after the game released, which was too late for a large amount of people who had already moved on to other games and lost interest in Dead Space.

“Last time, I just heard a lot of comments like ‘The demo was way too hard,’ or ‘It kind of came out after the fact.’ We’re really putting an emphasis on making sure that we have something there so that new people can check it out,” said executive producer Steve Papoutsis. “There’s a lot of people that seem interested and we just want to give them an opportunity to check it out and get into it.”

“…we want the demo to be the kind of event where you play it and you go ‘Holy shit, I’m going out right now, I’ve got to get this!’”

No date for the demo has been announced yet, but expect it BEFORE the game launches this time…

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