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MW2 Stimulus Map Pack Broken

I knew I should have expected the worst instead of getting my hopes up about the new Stimulus Map Pack, it is Modern Warfare 2 afterall… Here’s the story - I rush home from work, excitedly boot the 360 up, buy some more Microsoft Points followed swiftly by the Stimulus Pack, painfully wait for the 360MB file to download, load the game, playlists, click Stimulus pack. The game countdown begins, sweat now running down my face as the 6+ month wait for new maps is finally over. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Launching… Only to find the a minute countdown starts again! At first I thought it was just an error, one of many seen in the Modern Warfare 2 universe, so I tried again and to my frustration, the exact situation occurred again. The fact that there were hundreds of 10 year olds complaining about the same problem confirmed it wasn’t just my Xbox messing up. You can’t even get a feel for the maps in a private match.. Poor show Infinity Ward; there are some seriously pissed off people on Xbox Live at the moment.

Robert Bowling has come out and explained that an update should boot with your Xbox 360 to allow you to play the Stimulus Map Pack, so why hasn’t anybody got the update Rob? He said:

“Along side the DLC, but something ALL of our users will get, is a title update for Modern Warfare 2. Included in this update is support for the DLC (if you choose to purchase it), as well as some tweaks to the One Man Army perk, some matchmaking updates that will help our international users find more locally hosted games thanks to how ping is now sorted, and various other code updates that will help improve the overall quality of multiplayer on Modern Warfare 2. There is no exact time you can expect all this, I’d say early morning when traffic is at its lowest, but by the time you wake up and get online I’m sure it will be available to most of you on March 30th! See you online all this week!”

Simply not good enough Infinity Ward. When I purchase something, I expect to be able to play it!

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MW2 Stimulus Map Pack Broken, 6.6 out of 10 based on 8 ratings
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