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It’s My Circus Review
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Stop clowning around! Give your kids choice

With so many mini game/party based games on the market, to even decide upon choosing which ones to buy is a struggle at the best of times. The choice is overwhelming and this area of the market seems to be blockaded with shovel ware. Fortunately we have a developer on hand who is synonymous with the party game genre with their well regarded Carnival Games series, Cat Daddy. Couple this with 2K Play the publisher behind classics like Axel & Pixel for XBLA and you have a strong mix.

Brrrm Brrrm!

Carnival Games was set around carnivals and the types of games you’d expect to be themed around this and whilst there is a slight flavour of the circus at these travelling entertainment attractions, it doesn’t quite compare to the real big top experience. As the game is situated on the Wii you can expect to waggle, throw and balance your way through the array of mini games that the game offers and with added support of the balance board for several of the mini-games it’ll give new life to the board that you once used for getting fit on.

The game starts off with you creating your character, from the offering you are given the choice to either engage in a multiplayer experience or go it alone in the single player. The first time you boot up Its My Circus you will find that there are very little character customisation options that are made available to you. Fortunately, you can earn Barnum Bucks a monetary system in the game to unlock toys, props and different clothing items. This will give your kids something to work for and ultimately enable them to style their character to their choosing in the long run should they not be happy with the default characters. Unfortunately the other items and prizes don’t have any interactivity to them, so the incentive to unlock everything just isn’t there. You can get skill awards in the game through finishing activities with a high star rating. This will lead to unlocking the Big Top circuses at the top of the events map previously inaccessible from direct play.


The events themselves are highly imaginative and are set around different areas of the circus layout. Everything is covered from Clowns, Animals, High Wire, Acrobats and Stunts. Each mini game will make use of a set motion controls, more often than not taking place on a combination of Wii-mote and Nunchuk. Different mini-games vary from swinging trapeze artists, commanding lions or throwing pies in the faces of bandits, western tin-can alley affair. The majority of these games are colourful and accessible for children but ultimately basic to say the least. Some events have control set-ups that simply result on almost impossible five star scenarios such as the tight-rope uni-cycling which is ridiculously hard. In terms of parents playing this game with their kids, whilst it’s acceptable to do so, I really feel the adult will find it a little hard to keep interested, but where this is all marketed at it makes sense. Some of our favourite games involved looping in a steel ball cage collecting stars on a motorcycle and playing bowling with clowns, both of these games were fun to play, even at our age.

Pedal fast, or lose!

Where the biggest draw for this game really lies is the fact that you get a lot of bang for your buck. For £20.00 (even less in most retailers) you are getting 40 interactive games, 12 multiplayer games and over 100 prizes to collect. Then you have the thousand odd customisation options available for your characters too, making them an unlock feature expanding the lifespan. Graphically the game does look a tad jagged on high definition displays but the audio and colourful landscapes will most certainly appeal to its demographic. Are the controls easy enough for your children to get into? All in all I’d say yes, but like I stated earlier, there will be some events that you’ll only play once for the simple reason that they are either too dull or the control scheme just doesn’t make sense.

We’re glad to see that Ringling Bros. aren’t featured heavily throughout the game. What with their expose to animal cruelty against Elephants their appearance in the game is somewhat limited to a few graphics and the small box art print. We would have liked to have seen the prizes that you were able to unlock be used in a more interesting form, even if it had been the ability to free roam around the circus with them, but as such it’s left a little lacking. Would we have preferred to have had 12 mini-games that had the substance and quality of say, Deca Sports or Wii Sports? Yes, absolutely. However I just don’t think this is a major issue considering who 2K Play are aiming this game for, the children whom are setting foot into video games for the first time. Experienced Wii gamers, need not apply, this is one for the 3-9 year old age range.

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