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Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Map Pack Review
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The much awaited for Stimulus Map Pack is here (finally) after making a dramatic entrance onto Xbox Live; possibly a clever ploy by Infinity Ward to attract even more attention to the Stimulus Pack? The Map Pack, which consists of 3 brand new maps and 2 classics from the original Modern Warfare game has been the most talked about gaming news these past few weeks due to a controversial price of 1200 Microsoft Points, especially when Modern Warfare 2’s greatest rival Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is offering its download content for free. The question on everybodies lips is whether the Stimulus Pack is worth the equivalent of £12 or whether Infinity Ward are being greedy; apparently the best selling video game of all time hasn’t made them enough money yet. Carry on reading to find out.


The first map we’ll look at is called Salvage, which happens to be the smallest and most compact out of the 3 brand new maps on offer. Salvage is a junkyard covered in snow and cluttered full of stacked up cars, multi-story buildings you can enter and tight passageways all over the map. The obstacles in the map and small scale of the map itself guarantee some intense gun fights and tons of kills to be had. Quick reactions and nerves of steel are the key here, and without them, you’re likely to get your arses handed to you. You’ll be straight back in the fight seconds after respawning and I can confidently say that Salvage is one of the most intense maps available throughout the whole of Modern Warfare 2, and therefore one of the most enjoyable.


MW2 Stimulus Package   Storm1.jpg1 Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Map Pack Review

Storm is set throughout a warehouse district and is a medium sized map. The map is based around a huge warehouse which is surrounded by tight outdoor alleyways and therefore you can expect some intense battles similar to those seen in Salvage. Some slightly larger outdoor areas allow for more expansive battles, but these are vulnerable to rooftop positions and therefore it isn’t wise to stay in these open areas for long. There are plenty of upstairs vantage points to explore and crates to climb and use as cover, and all of these features add together to make Storm a fun map to play. The constant downpour of rain, as the maps name suggests, adds a gloomy effect to the map which is a nice touch.


MW2 Stimulus Package   Bailout1.jpg1 Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Map Pack Review

Bailout is described by Infinity Ward as an “overrun apartment complex” and is the largest of the 3 brand new maps. Bailout is an extremely well designed map consisting of a large open area in the middle of the map with buildings one side and tight alleyways the other. To make it to the other side of the map which you will have to do in game modes such as Sabotage, Demolition and many more, flanking down the sides of the map through the houses and alleyways are the key to winning here; running through the large open area is suicide and you’ll likely get picked off. The flanking areas themselves are designed well with areas differing in height, making battles varied and good positioning vital.


MW2 Stimulus Package   Crash1.jpg1 Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Map Pack Review

Crash was one of the favourite maps in the original Modern Warfare and therefore it’s no surprise that it makes a swift return to the Call of Duty universe. The medium sized map is most famous for the crashed helicopter which occupies the area where many gun fights will occur. Looking over the map is a three story building which provides a rooftop perfect for the snipers among you. However, you’ll be lucky to get up the roof in the first place without coming across some sneaky enemies waiting for you on the stairs on some cleverly placed claymores on the stairs. The back of the map contains plenty of tight corridors and buildings where the more combative gamers out there can stay and test their reaction and close combat skills. The variety of gameplay that occurs on Crash has helped make it one of the favourite maps of the series and a Call of Duty classic.


Overgrown is a rural area set in Russia that makes a return from the original Modern Warfare. Overgrown is easily the largest map of the 5 offered in the Stimulus Map Pack and therefore no doubt a favourite for the crafty snipers among you. Your Ghillie suit will blend in nicely with a grass area containing haystacks and a tractor which make great cover. A compact wooden bridge has been selected as key points for game modes such as Sabotage and Demolition and this results in some epic battles to take control of the bridge and plant or detonate the bomb. If you’re a fan of long range weapons, you’ll love Overgrown.


The Stimulus Map Pack stuttered onto the marketplace and made a shaky start to what looks to be a very solid life. The 3 brand new maps on offer are all entertaining in their own ways and offer a fantastic mixture of intense and longer range gameplay to suit the needs of everyone. 2 fan favourite maps return from the original Modern Warfare and allow the odd sense of nostalgia to kick in aswell as many exhilarating moments to occur in the future. The asking price of 1200 Microsoft Points or approximately £12 has been questioned by the majority of people, but this price seems fair for what 5 extremely fun and entertaining maps. If you play Call of Duty regularly, you’ll easily get your moneys worth and are bound to enjoy at least 3 of the 5 maps available. The added incentive of Double XP points until Monday 5th April may sway your decision. Overall, the Stimulus Map Pack is highly recommended.

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Rating: 7.6/10 (9 votes cast)
Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Map Pack Review, 7.6 out of 10 based on 9 ratings
  • https://?u=StevenTaylor Steven Taylor


  • gorskino10

    What how can you say this is a “Fair” price, the Maps so i have been told were pretty much done when the game was out all they have done is put 2 old maps and 3 maps they created for the game but was left out to scam the consumers even more thats why i hate DLC these 3 maps should of been in the game already but they took them out and charge this much for them i feel sorry if i was a COD fanboy :(

  • https://?u=bax88 Alan Baxter

    In that case then you can’t just blame IW and cod, you’ve got to blame any company who releases download content seeing they could have put it in the game in the first place.

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