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No Playable Female Characters In Crackdown 2

One of the new features to be seen in crackdown 2 is the customization available for your agents. However, due to this feature being implemented, only male agents will feature in the game due to a lack of memory available.

“In Crackdown, the amount of memory that it was going to take for it to do all the actual animation, the texture sets and the models for the females — we would’ve needed to massively reduce other sections of the game,” said Billy Thomson, Ruffian Games’ creative director. “So rather than do two separate models, we cut it back and gave the player as much customization as we could on the male character and that allowed us to use that extra memory to do other things in the game.”

“When it came to Crackdown 2, you’ve got four players (in cooperative play), and that means every single player can be a different character and that has to be in memory all the time. We had to save memory all over the place because we’ve got so much more content in this game than we had in the first game. We don’t stream.”

It has been said that there will be important female characters involved with the story line, just not playable unfortunately.

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