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Breo De Janiero Headphones (Review)
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In our last review from a range of Breo products that were sent in a big bundled goodie bag we talked about the Breo Santos headphones and how that for their money they were fantastic volume. However you do get what you pay for and when it came down to the audio it didn’t really cut it when it came to vocals and pushing the volume to the maximum. However, Breo are not resigned to being a fashion brand with substandard products, oh no. They actually have a massive range of headphones and the range we’ll be talking about today is none other than the Breo De Janiero range which are pretty much the very best that Breo have to offer.

Style and comfort, couldn't ask for much more really

Ultimate sound and digital clarity, specially designed for multi-environment use. The 44mm drivers have a special diaphragm, which allows them to sustain a high SPL and give a wide frequency response with exceptionally clear sound. With the DJ environment in mind, the full size closed cups are padded with soft, low compression set foam, giving a durable and extreme comfort for long periods of use. The earcups can be swivelled by 180 and rotated by 90 allowing the user to wear them in multiple styles and also allowing them to be folded for compact storage.

* Good attenuation of ambient noise
* Super soft earcups
* Specially designed damping perforation ensures powerful bass response
* Well defined mid-band and spatial sound reproduction due to foam damping element
* High levels and powerful bass for modern, rhythm-driven music
* Extremely comfortable to wear due to ultra-lightweight design, even for extended listening times
* Rubber finish

Unlike allot of professional headphones, the Breo De Janiero doesn’t ask for a ridiculous price, at £44.99 you are looking at unbelievable value for something which has astounding audio quality. The bass on these headphones literally thunders at you and the vocalisation is allot clearer whilst handling high peak audio without sacrificing the quality. At full volume tests these headphones didn’t distort in the slightest and we could be forgiven for not even wearing these at one stage. Due to the soft ear cups they really are comfortable that long session audio or using them to DJ or inside the music studio just feels like second nature. Whilst the Breo De Janiero’s are arguably not as fashionable as the Santos range, they don’t look shabby at all. We were sent the Grey and Orange pair which is to be fair the least nicest looking ones out of the three colours available. This is mainly down to the wire colour which seems to be almost a nicotine like colour. Other colours in the Breo De Janiero range include Lime & Black and Black & Silver.

breodejaniero1 Breo De Janiero Headphones (Review)

* Driver unit: 44mm diameter dome
* Impedance: 32 ohms
* Sensitivity: 108dB3dB at 1kHz
* Frequency response: 5Hz to 20kHz
* 6.3mm plug adaptor
* Cord length: 1.5m
* Professional super bass
* Foldable

As the specs state there is an incredible amount of lead here, so if you are working at your computer or on the decks, length isn’t going to be a problem. We also do like the fact that these headphones are foldable, something else the Santos doesn’t offer. If you are going to buy any headphones from Breo, pick these up as you really are paying very little extra for the rise in quality you are getting. Ultra comfort and stylish the Breo De Janiero doesn’t sacrifice style for comfort or quality of audio and whilst these headphones do not offer the Infra Red abilities of the Next Click headphones, they deal with bass and spacial sound much better. Highly recommended!

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Rating: 10.0/10 (3 votes cast)
Breo De Janiero Headphones (Review), 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
  • graham

    just bought the janeiro headphones at the gadget show £35 cash.

    Brilliant sound quality for the money (and for a lot more if you were paying more)

    Very pleased i must say.

  • https://?u=admin James Ireland

    Glad to hear, not sure if you bought them on back of our review but if you did, i hope you are glad with our trusted thoughts :)

  • Geoff C

    I am really interested in these headphones - for use on my Sony MP3 player
    In ear phones are not ideal for me - they usually creep out, then after being pushed back hundreds of times the diaphrams crackle and ultimately die.
    I have some Studio monitor headphones - bt they are way too quiet for the low output of the MP3 player - and I work in a noisy environment. So I am just hestitating over the sensitivity on these - the 108db figure suggests they are louder for a given volume setting. The orig Sony’s were 105 and the replacement V-Modas were 102.5db - sorry to ramble on - but can anyone confirm these Breo’s are going to deliver on volume per miliwatt??

  • https://?u=admin James Ireland

    Absolutely! Max Volume on my iPhone and they are close to blowing my ears off with no distortion. They allow the bass to travel really well also. Great for gaming too!

  • Geoff C

    Brill - just need to find where I can get a set - thanks for the reply
    will rate them once I find some

  • Geoff C

    Just got a pair of these - yet to fully test in the field as it were:
    Initial impressions are very good for the price these deliver a very even
    balance of sound overall. Good deep bass, smooth midrange - maybe there is a slight mid lift which just sounds creamy, top end is not the sort to rip your ears off but more smooth. Also they are as loud as my ‘in ear’ earphones - actually a tad louder - so to sum up - these are ideal for my walkman.
    Whilst these don’t quite match the sonic perfection of my Beyer studio Monitors - these deal you a decent sound at an affordable price.
    Recommended fully - unless you want ear piercing top end!!

  • headphones

    oh i like your headphones blog,i will come back for more info.

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