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Breo Rio Watch (Review)
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What with our two Breo headphone reviews, anyone would think that Easter Monday was Breo day. Well, for those wondering whetehr Breo did more than just audio accessories, you’ll be interested to know that their brand also stems into beanies, flip fops, bags and also watches. Unfortunately they never sent us any flip flops, but with the cold weather outside in April, in some respects we’re kind of glad, further more I’m not sure how it would all fit in here with this website, unless it had some specialist techno-geekery chemical compound that made you stick to the ceiling. Anyway, the next in the Breo series we’ll be looking at is none other than the Breo Rio watch collection.

* Case Size: 4.3cm x 2.9cm
* Strap Width: 4.3 cm
* Weight: 54g
* Material: Plastic
* Dial Colour: Blue
* Movement: Japan Movement
* Warranty: Breo 12 Month Guarantee

The Rio is an interesting looking watch and it’s unique design is all a bit Marmite. You will either love it’s straight edges and rounded rectangle bracelet style or you will absolutely hate it. The watch comes with a 12 month guarantee and where the main compound is plastic based it’s extremely light. We’re not so sure this watch is very masculine at all so we’d only advise it for the female purchaser. The watch rolls in at £18.00 which is considerably cheap and can be accessorised as an outfit piece as opposed to an every day watch for use. The Rio series comes in black, red and blue and can compliment an outfit of the same colour most definately. The watch is very comfortable but remember to take it off before you go into the pool as it most certainly isn’t water proof. Not that we’ve tested it but that there is no reference of it being water resistant by the manufacturer.

As stated earlier in this piece, this style is very much a matter of taste whether you like retro and minimalist is really down to your preference and given the lack of any real features to this watch it really isn’t very practical as an every day use accessory. As a guy I much prefer the Vitoria or Grande watches they do, not forgetting the Palmas range which really are quite sexy. Once again Breo caters for all price ranges and the bigger the budget the more noticibly attractive the watches are.

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Rating: 10.0/10 (3 votes cast)
Breo Rio Watch (Review), 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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