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Breo Roam Watch (Review)
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From one watch to another. This time we’re going to take a look at the Breo Roam series and boy are these quirky little watches. With its rubber band design the Roam is most certainly one of the more unique looking watches out there, small and light the Roam sits comfortably in all conditions and provides simplistic time measurement in an LCD display. There are two different sizes to choose from and what we loved about these watches was the simple fact that they are packaged and ready to go in a gift type box. What is more astounding is just how cheap these watches are. At £9.99 these make for great little gifts for those that enjoy outdoor life and everything that comes with it. Now the watches are water resistent to 1ATM but after closer inspection it does state that they should not be worn when submerging your arms into hot water or taking showers. We’re assuming because the LCD area will steam up and condense behind the display facia. We do feel that the Roam has a cutting edge style to it and would be best suited to be worn during sports or outdoor activity, as opposed to every day use, depending on your taste you may feel that this watch would suit you at all times, but not us.

* LCD display

* Breo Roam watch is made with a material called tourmaline

* A naturally occurring mineral, tourmaline is widely used as a semi-precious gemstone and is responsible for many beneficial health effects including:

- Increased concentration
- Natural detoxification of the body
- Improved sleep, relaxation and meditation
- Improved vitality and mood

breo roam Breo Roam Watch (Review)
Available in a variety of colours, these remind me of shag bands, remember?

One of the more interesting features of the Breo Roam is that the watch is also made out of a natural mineral called Tourmaline. This mineral is scientifcally proven to help with concentration, natural detox, improved sleep and vitality. Whether there is enough of this mineral present in the watch to make much of a difference we can’t really comment but in terms of marketing what is essentially a watch it certainly caught our eye.

Case Size: 17mm x 10mm
Strap Width: 5mm
Weight: 10g
Material: Soft touch rubber
Dial Colour: LCD
Movement: Digital
Water Resistance Depth: 10m
Warranty: 12 months

We feel the price point for a watch like this, is nicely set and whilst quirky in style it’s unforgivably modern. A watch such as this is perfect for the swimmer, with 10 metres of water resistence it’ll cater for more than your depth allowance and that’s where I really see this watch making a splash. Excuse the pun, I feel terrible now. On that note I best leave you all, I should write for The Sun with lines like that!

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Rating: 8.8/10 (4 votes cast)
Breo Roam Watch (Review), 8.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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