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UK Online Game Trading Website Launched

The first UK website allowing you to trade in your games and Blu-rays for cash launched today and is called the simplistic “”. The website reckons it offers prices 40% higher than the average high street shop. After having a quick browse, has potential but certainly isn’t the finished product yet. I searched for the game Heavy Rain just out of interest to see how much they’d offer me, and the game wasn’t even recognised in the system; WHAT! One of the biggest games launched this year and you can’t even sell it to them; crazy. In contrast, you can sell your PS3 copies of Aliens Vs Predator for a surprisingly high £21.20, so it’s definitely worth having a look around the site.

Managing Director Indy Sangha says: “The downturn in the economy has made the trading of games and consoles more popular than ever. As gamers ourselves, we identified a need for an easy-to-use site that would allow customers to get paid cash for their unwanted items. After two years of beta testing and tweaking our pricing algorithms, we believe we offer the best payouts, often 40% more than the high street stores offer in cash.”

He continues: “We were the first UK website allowing customers to buy and sell video games at the same time, and our new cutting-edge site continues this service. Our unique shopping cart allows people to buy games and consoles and to use their unwanted games in part-exchange. We have many other exciting developments planned, including our refer-a-friend scheme and the facility to trade Blu-ray discs.”

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  • Rob is definetly not a first - launched in 2008 and allows users to get cash for CDs, DVDs and Games.A value can be offered for hundreds of thousands of items and everything is free of charge - they pay for all postage and packing as well as offering a free fully insured courier if you have enough items.

  • https://?u=bax88 Alan Baxter

    Hmmm, the press release said it was the first so I assumed so.

  • John is the creation of the team that bought out the first site launched in the UK that allowed gamers to buy,sell and trade-in their video games and consoles in the same shopping cart online. It is the new iteration of the first site launched in 2006 under a different brand name but advanced with brand new pricing technology. Whilst Musicmagpie offers cash for dvds,games and cds, it does not allow customers to trade-in their games at the same time and purchase from the same site.

    Games recycling is likely to become more popular online - its worth comparing prices to see who offers more for your games and consoles..

  • Rob

    I had a look at for the buy sell scenario - although I cant remember the exact figures the offer for the game was really low and when I looked at the price I could buy it from them the difference was huge …. a complete rip off really it was about £10 difference. I understand a company has to make money but £10 on a game was a bit high

  • Johnny

    I understand that Musicmapgie sells their games on amazon using different usernames so they sell their games on for profit in the same way that others do - however I think its a rip off that they offer so little for a lot of popular titles..

    Tekken 6 they buy for £4 and i can see them selling it on amazon for £14..
    and £3.10 for the new transformers game - I think id give them a miss too..

    The best thing to do is sell on ebay, or amazon, if you cant move something on, see what musicmagpie and tradeyourgames offer and just sell them on to them if your happy with them - both provide an easy alternative to ebay - just decide which one is better in terms of price.

  • Ryan

    I wish i’d seen this site before using !!!!

    DO NOT USE THEM. I say them, but my feeling is, it is some dodgy bloke in his spare bedroom!

    After having a clear out I sent about 70 games to them which they valued at just over £300. They send you an email with a delivery address which is a PO Box. However the post office do not know where this is and the parcel was held at the depot for 3 weeks before they collected it, despite numerous emails to them. At first they replied to emails quickly but then ignored them until I recieved one saying “I don’t know what the depot have told you but we collected the goods days ago!” Having checked on the tracking service they collected them that morning!!

    I asked about 5 times for their full address so I could have the parcel directed to them which they simply ignored! That in itself sounds dodgy!

    After a week of them having my goods I was told they were being checked, then they were all ok bar a few. Simple enough, enter details to get paid. I chose bank transfer and was told on the site immediately that the payment had been made. Over a week later I have no money from them, according to the website my goods are still being tested and I have no response to emails!

    If I ever get my money from these guys I will never use them again. I’d rather chuck my old games on the barbi and watch them burn that sell them to these cowboys!

    One final tip before I stop ranting! Don’t bother with their contact us form on the website. Like everything else on the site it doesn’t work and they only respond to direct emails!! If you’re lucky!

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