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Digital Economy Bill [Official Statement]

My fellow comrades I have bad news to give you on this Friday evening. Britain’s nanny and surveillance state takes one step further in controlling our very lives. Whilst many believe that the Digital Economy Bill will wipe out the existence of piracy, I’m afraid our civil liberties have not only been compromised but government powers will abuse this bill to snoop on our very lives. The Digital Economy Bill provides ISP’s to snoop through packet transmissions at government request. For Labour and the ‘Elite’ banking oligarchy that decide upon world events, this is another step forward for the Big Brother state and the forthcoming Internet 2.0

Internet 2.0 will be a brand new Internet portal which will be ran by Fortune 100 companies and their conglomerate media power houses. In the future websites such as ours will simply cease to exist as greedy money hungry CEO’s look to push the Internet into a revenue horse. Not only are the powers in Brussels seeking to bring in FCC laws that would prohibit free speech online, but big corporations such those that own The Times newspaper look to prevent websites from linking to their stories. For more information on the latest web bureaucracy visit Right2Link

Such is the Digital Economy Bill so important to Peter Mandleson (which he will get a huge dividend for making this pass) that he pushed the bill through the house without proper debate and at a time when the House of Parliament was due to recess for their election campaign. For those that see this as a key opportune time to make their vote for The Conservative Party may I stress that this very bill would have been passed through by The Conservatives had it been delayed until they went into power. Big industry, have more power over government institutions, those that run the banks in England and throughout the world can cause artificial financial collapses that cripple corporations and peoples daily lives. You didn’t think that the financial collapse of 2008 happened by complete accident do you?

digitaleconomy Digital Economy Bill [Official Statement]

The Digital Economy Bill is vastly flawed

The Digital Economy Bill is dangerous in its very form, especially that certain elements of the bill leave innocent broadband owners at risk of being sued and cut off the internet at the expense of WIFI leaching and hackers the world over. The ludicrous revenue making bill will leave innocent parents footing the bill for their children’s download habits. More trivial issues over copyright such as the DMCA act will be more iron clad than before. The Digital Economy Bill is a corporate takeover of the internet, the announcement of this information will see a rapid change in the way you and I consume media. Expect subscription services for general content (let alone premium) to become the norm, expect to be sitting through countless adverts to watch a five minute video. Expect to see countless articles of innocent people being disconnected from the internet and sued by companies such as Viacom for being completely innocent.

The most upsetting factor surrounding the Digital Economy Bill is that despite the overwhelming distain for the bill by both Artists, MP’s and you the consumer, the government still passed it and there isn’t a sodding thing we can do about it. Do we live in a Democracy? Democracy is an illusion. We are not condoning piracy in any shape or form but we condemn those that bring upon legislation that can be so easily abused to bring tyranny and surveillance to our daily lives.

Once again, if you make this an election issue, I can assure you that the Lib, Lab, Con would all have passed this bill regardless of what lies they may spiel in their election campaigns. If you are going to make this an election issue, put your vote outside of the big three.

This has been an official statement from website editor James Joell-Ireland

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