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Warhammer Players Billed 22 Times in One Month

If you have a Warhammer Online account, you may just want to go and check your bank account right about now. A billing error has charged some players between 12 to 22 times according to 1UP

A representative from Mythic confirmed that the charges were result of a billing error and that refunds will be processed within the next 24-48hrs. Depending on the way Mythic uses to refund transactions, some players can be looking at 3-5 working days for a refund as per standard billing proceedure.

There have been some reports that players have received charges up to $330, not exactly chump change. If anything this furthermore validates the reason for pre-paid cards can could leave some players with a pre-paid option as the only trustworthy source in future. This won’t be the last we’ve heard on this issue as there is bound to be some players incurring bank charges because of this fiasco.

To follow the error in full, here is a direct link to the EA discussion forums

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