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Next Xbox Wish List

Developers are finally starting to push the Xbox 360 to its maximum potential and produce some stunning graphics such as those seen in the upcoming Splinter Cell: Conviction and Alan Wake games, but this doesn’t seem enough for some people who are already talking about the next iteration of the Xbox. The original Xbox was launched in March 2002 and therefore had just under a 4 year life span until the Xbox 360 was introduced and therefore the Xbox 360 has already seen a longer shelf life since its release 5 years ago in late 2005.

The next Xbox?

The release date for Microsoft’s next console is thought by many to be the 2012 mark with wild rumours occurring about the consoles name; the Xbox 720 seems to be leading the speculation race thus far. My biggest question and excitement though is what features will Microsoft include in its next console to make it a true powerhouse, must-own console and grab back some stature from Sony’s Playstation 3 which seems to be running away from the Xbox 360 this generation. I will now list the top-5 features I’d love to see included in Microsoft’s next console and explain how these could make the best gaming machine to date.

  1. A Blu-ray Drive

blu ray logo Next Xbox Wish List

Including a Blu-ray drive in the next Xbox is essential for two reasons. Firstly, Blu-ray discs can now store 60+ GB of media compared to the measly 8.5 GB that the currently used Dual Layer discs can store. The added disc space would allow future games to put on one disc instead of being spread over 3 or 4 discs such as Blue Dragon or Final Fantasy 13. This isn’t a huge problem but is an inconvenience that the gamer would rather now have.

Blu-rays are slowly starting to take over DVDs due to price-drops and more people purchasing High Definition televisions. Many Blu-rays are now being sold with the DVD included with the idea of encouraging people to purchase this package so that when they do eventually upgrade to Blu-ray, they won’t have to re-buy the film. Huge special effects films such as Avatar and 2012 are being released on a more regular basis and the Blu-ray format takes advantage of these films, producing stunning picture quality and bustling surround sound audio. More and more people seem to be cottoning onto this fact and therefore I believe the existence of DVDs will be shorter than expected.

2. 3D Gaming

3D films and gaming seems to be the next big thing. I swear every new film being released at the cinema is jumping on the 3D bandwagon, with Alice in Wonderland, Clash of the Titans and How to Train Your Dragon being prime examples. 3D gaming has officially begun aswell with the release of the Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year edition including a 3D version of the game. With the release of 3D TVs in the coming months and the inevitable price drops in the coming years, Microsoft’s next console will need to be able to support 3D gaming; especially seeing that Sony are releasing a patch for that PS3 which will enable the console to support 3D.

3. Built in Wifi

wifi Next Xbox Wish List

The fact that the Xbox 360 launched without built in Wifi is a pure joke. I’m sure this wasn’t left due to a design fault and was instead an evil money making plan by Microsoft who would charge £50+ for a Wireless Adaptor. This problem is magnified when you consider that both the Playstation 3 and the Wii had Wifi from launch. There will be plenty of pissed off people if Microsoft’s next console doesn’t launch with free Wifi.

4. Light Gun Games!

I’m personally a huge fan of Light Gun games having spent many an hour and wasting way too much money playing the House of the Dead and Time Crisis series down the arcades back in my youth. I’ve actually recently purchased a Wii just so I can play the House of the Dead games again; well that, and Mario Kart. The lack of a single Light Gun game this generation for the Xbox 360 has pained me and the single Light Gun game on the PS3, Time Crisis 4, was absolutely shocking; and that’s putting it kindly. The support for Light Gun games on Microsoft’s next console would make many gamers happy again and also help attract new gamers to the console, especially those smitten on the Wii.

5. Free Xbox Live and a Web Browser

The amount of campaigns I see and people complaining about having to pay for Xbox Live is astonishing. Thinking about it, £40 per year is pretty steep if you only venture online on the odd occasion or check out the new releases once a week and therefore the cry will be for free Xbox Live on Microsoft’s next console; or whatever they decide to call the service.

The addition of a web browser would be a welcomed one, with our guesses being Internet Explorer seeing it is owned by Microsoft. Being able to quickly jump onto a website from the consoles dashboard instead of having to boot up my laptop would be a nice convenience and something I am able to do on the Playstation 3.

So there you have it, 5 features that I believe would make Microsoft’s next console entry a kick-ass machine and possibly the best console ever released. Do you agree with my thoughts and what would you like to see in the next Xbox? Leave us a comment below.

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Next Xbox Wish List, 9.0 out of 10 based on 21 ratings
  • Dean Case

    So you mean everything that the PS3 already has?

  • TheGeek

    License Blu-Ray from Sony? I’m not sure Sony would let them, and even if they did, they would tack on so many fees and royalties, games would cost $70 USD.

    The smartest thing would be to go with a completely proprietary format, or at least resurrect the HD-DVD. Microsoft has the deep pockets to do this, and it makes sense.

    So the XBOX 720 wouldn’t be able to play Blu Ray? Pfft who cares? The XBOX720 will have HI DEF Streaming Videos from its Live Service, which will come with a free year of Netflix. Don’t want to stream? Buy the High Def movie from the live store, and it will be downloaded overnight to the 2 TB hard drive. With streaming video and internet downloads, Blu Ray will become moot.

    About the light-gun games, I agree with you there. Wii has them beat on that at the moment. However, XBOX720 will have NATAL 2.0, and any “light gun game” will come packaged with a $5 plastic gun with a trigger-controlled LED in the barrel. The game will recognize the gun through NATAL, and work similarly to light-gun games in the past. Heck even the current NATAL could do this. You can’t tell me that game studios don’t love selling you $50 controllers that only work with one game…

  • https://?u=bax88 Alan Baxter

    So true Dean! And very good comment TheGeek

  • Josh

    Why wait for the next Xbox when you can have all of that now? The PS3 already has blu-ray, free online play, a web browser, and built in wifi. It will soon have 3D gaming and the PlayStation Move.

  • Reigen

    a wery good list,
    i would aprechiate these features in the next xbox
    however i couldent help nodicing that sertant other home and portable consoles already hawe these features
    and since the “xbox 720″ would be a next gen console, wouldent it be more logical for it to hawe a medium bigger than bluray, and features beyond what the curent generation offers you

    also when i said “a mediom bigger than bluray” i wasent finking a built in massive hdd for download only games
    because some bluray games take the space of an entire 50gb dl bluray disc(like metal gear solid 4)
    and downloading 50gb to youre hdd(even if it is a 2tb hard drive) seems un-pratcical, and it would be ewen more un-practical if futhure games would take more space than curent bluray games(witch they probably will)

  • Reigen

    (i apoligise if i miss-speled anything, my english is limited)

  • foss

    xbox live silver members should have a limit of 2 hours online play time per 24 hours. that way they get to use all of the features of a game, and microsoft is happy because if you want to play for longer than 2 hours a day then you have to pay for gold membership. why don’t they do something like this??

  • Berg

    Resurect HD-DVD? I dont think I have ever heard anything so rediculous in my life.

  • https://?u=bax88 Alan Baxter

    @foss - true, but I rarely play much more than 2 hours a day myself via Live so I’d save myself £40 a year and Microsoft would lose out

    @Reigen - Your English is fine and I agree with your comments :)

    @Berg - I agree, would be a ridiculous decision and would never happen.

  • James Joell-Ireland

    3D Gaming….
    Microsoft already supports 3D Gaming. Have you played Avatar? You can play it in 3D. You can play Scrap Metal in Analglyth 3D and Legend of Han Tao: In Digital 3D. So there are games out there already including G-Force. Light gun games would be an extreme niche, easily adopted had Microsoft gave Natal a controller.

  • Akarandomhero14

    uhhh James Joell-Ireland
    who the heck wants to play avatar in 3D and especially on the xbox360 and last time i checked no games right now that are out can play 3D games because the freaken xbox360 and ps3 have yet to release the support on the console itself

  • Jdrm03


    You do know that Sony does not own Blu Ray and you do know that Blu Ray runs on a Codec created by Microsoft Right?

  • JustTheFactsMr

    James, millions who bought early didn’t have the option to play Avatar because it doesn’t work with component. So Avatar doesn’t support 3D for a large percentage of 360 owners.

    Also Avatar had to deal with each TV mfgs different implementations. You had to check a list to see if your TV worked. PITA and expensive situation for developers to expand the 3D market.

    The new 3D TV’s are based on a common standard that won’t require developers or other content producers to deal with that nonsense. That means content development for sports, games, movies will eventually become mainstream not remain a niche.

    However current 360′s will NOT support this new 3D standard and won’t be able to participate in stereoscopic 3D because MS cheaped out with HDMI 1.2 after already telling people component was good enough.

    Twice now people have been misled by MS about the benefits of HDMI. The best you can hope for on the 360 is the headache inducing blu/red glasses that have been around for the last 50 years. Now there s a standard developers will abandon the Avatar approach effectively leaving the 360 out in the cold.

    The PS3 does support the new 3D standard with a firmware upgrade. Includes all models going back to the original ones that launched 3.5 years ago.

    While some people would be paying for their 3rd 360 to get 3D. Launch->Elite for HDMI->3D. That’s IF MS upgrades the HDMI chip in newer 360 releases. Big if for a company that originally said HDMI was a waste for consoles.

    It also has implications for Natal and Move.

    Move will be able to operate in 3D space in conjunction with these 3D games/t.v’s. Natal not so much.

  • https://?u=RageGummy Scott Davis

    I think I need to do a What Hardcore gamers want for the next 360…

  • Reigen

    @James Joell-Ireland

    there is a huge difrence betwen the i-max and the new 3d tehnology
    - i-max reduces picture quality, new 3d dosent
    - the bd 3d is perfectly crisp i-max isnt
    - i-max works good only in theaters, bd 3d is ment for home experience
    - and so on

  • Gazza B.

    I must agree with dean, the PS3 has basically all of that stuff, Avatar in 3D. I havent seen a light gun for PS3 yet though, but PS3 has free internet browser and built in Wi-Fi so there is no need to buy a crappy adapter. Blu Ray discs and everything. So if your wishlist comes true and all that happens then it would be the same as a PS3. And by then Sony would have made something better.

    So basically you would have to extend your list to get more things that the PS3 doesnt have. But yeah, good list. (I am not a PS3 fanboy, I love both consoles)

  • abdullahi pimp farah

    fucking geeks wtf a game is a gam whats wit dis hd blu 3d wi-my ass shit dame i just want to play a fucking game not all dis other shit dame white people

  • jhjhjhjh

    my bad bout the language but u guys make me look dump white people

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