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It seems as though 2010 is the year of western games. What with Red Dead Redemption later this year and the interesting multiplayer only 3rd-person shooter by Paradox Interactive. Lead & Gold is a certainly a gunslinger. Set in very familiar Western pastures, the game exudes personality with it’s interesting characters and coined map flavour.

For those that pre-ordered the game, you received a Steam code to get straight in the action experiencing the maps featured in the game. In Lead & Gold you have Blaster, Deputy, Gunslinger and Trapper classes available to you, which offer you replay value in learning the classes available. Each character has a signature move, with the Blaster able to throw sticks of dynamite, Deputy with the ability to tag enemies for recon and the fantastic bear traps used by the Trapper to make your foes easy meat for a headshot. To suggest that these moves are essential to be used in the actual game is a little bit of an oversight but they are useful and highly entertaining. The elaborate class names really relate to their weapons. Blaster naturally would be some heavy ammo and no more so than a brutal shotgun that has the power to throw your enemy several feet backwards. The shotgun is powerful enough for instantly kill instead of leaving your bastard enemy in a state where he can still shoot back whilst bleeding on the floor.

The first thing you’ll notice about Lead & Gold is that it’s fast paced, re-spawns take around 11 seconds and you’re rewarded XP and health for sticking with your team mates. Other interesting points is that you can carry a flag to open up different spawn points within the map, much needed when you want to be as close to an objective as possible. Aiming is controlled using the right click , which zooms into an almost over the shoulder view and if you keep your target in place long enough the impact of your bullet’s are more vigorous and beefy. The game has a nice HUD which shows you’re remaining HP and toggling between your main weapon and secondary fire weapon is a synch. The game does need a little refinement when it comes to hit detection, I found that sometimes bullets failed to register but after extensive play and since the patch update since the beta, this has now been fixed and everything runs super smooth.

The controls are very easy to get used to, the WASD system is used and couple that with nice easy buttons for a full screen game map view and scoreboards and you’ll be unconsciously operating the game at full speed in no time. There is a practice mode which will teach you each game mode but in respects it’s flawed because you’ll often find that the NPC’s will camp in you’re spawn point and kill you straight away. Graphics are sharp and don’t attempt to be ultra realistic at any point in the game but they are polished and all the icons are clear, just what you need when playing in the height of battle.

LeadandGold Fatshark Paradox event 2 Lead & Gold Review

Don't fuck with this man, trust me. He's Psycho!

Two core features of the game include the ability to revive your opponent and when you are knocked down you can still use a handgun together final kill and some retribution. One of the biggest problems with the game and what stops it from scoring highly is the small problem of respawning. Many occasions during online play your opponents will spawn camp your original spawning spot and unless some of your players manage to escape and create their own respawn location this can render the game extremely frustrating to play. As mentioned in the above paragraph this problem also renders itself in the practice mode. Another thing I would like to draw issue with is the fact that you can kill people from long distance with pretty much every weapon, including the shotgun.Whilst you will not get the range and accuracy of a sniper rifle a shotgun is meant to scatter and cause widespread damage at close distance. Due to the longer range of the shotgun in Lead & Gold This can sometimes take the tactical element away from the game. Whilst it doesn’t take the tactics away from the game modes itself, it means that little consideration is required when selecting a character during the respawn process.

The characters in the game are beautifully rendered and there is no sexism here either, you can wigsplit females with a refreshing spray of blood just as you would an old gun slinging man, not too many games do this. Paradox will certainly endear female gamers to have a play that’s for sure. Now in terms of the game modes itself, we have some interesting ones. Greed is all about stealing gold and bring it back to your base, Conquest is all about land grab, Powderkeg will have you transporting kegs of Gunpowder and blowing up objective points and lastly Robbery which is basically a glorified attack & defend style game mode. We’ve only played a couple of the game modes but in principle these should all work fine and none of them seem boring enough they will fall into empty lobby oblivion. For those of you out there that like to use the sniper rifle I can confidently tell you that sinking head shots on Lead & Gold is one of the most satisfying feelings in any games I’ve played.

Some will say that the amount of maps in the actual game are a little sparse in terms of variety and to be fair some game maps and much better than others. Deadwater ranch Is by far the best map featured in the game utilising gun turrets, saloons and multiple entry points it’s the one map where you feel that tactical elements really come into play. Sadly other maps such as Bad blood Valley and Devils Pit do not live up to the quality of the other maps featured in the game. This really leaves only for four decent maps to be played. However with the £9.99 price point this can be overlooked.

Lead & Gold is overall awell accomplished third-person shooter with some really entertaining drawing points, how it serves their community with it’s servers and updates will be key to holding a successful spell with this title, but what we’ve seen is a good effort made from a company so used to making convuluted strategy games that are for a very niche market. Since the price is only a tenner if you fancy a piece of Western-style action then we cannot recommend this enough. With a close knit community we are confident that Paradox Interactive have a game on their hands that will stand the test of time in the online arena. I’m off to use the spittoon as this tobacco and now tastes like shit. It will want

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    Looks to have a team fortressy style about it. I can’t wait to see it in action!

  • https://aggedesign.se Melt

    All maps are available in the beta

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