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Plain Sight Review
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If your idea of fun revolves around space, around combat and Zero gravity then you may be in luck. Released recently on Steam it is a game by Beatnik that takes all of these elements and packages them into one product. Plain Sight is a multiplayer combat shooter with an interesting edge. Players will battle it out in an array of zero gravity maps in there quest to become the robotic ninja champion. There are an array of multiplayer maps on offer that keep both the gameplay fresh and fun in droves.

Like clockwork

The main principles surrounding the combat in Plain Sight is to kill other players with a sword and build up energy. When the energy you have collected has built up you can set yourself to detonate for added multiplier and of course a fantastic score. What makes Plain Sight so addictive is the fact that controls are so easy to use. The majority of the combat involved in the game is primarily down to the mouse buttons, whilst turning your player is configured to the WASD key set up. In total there are 13 multiplayer maps, five different multiplayer game modes and you can also battle up to 20 players per match.

The key multiplayer modes in Plain Sight are Death Match and Team Death Match and there are also some other interesting game mode types available such as; Ninja! Ninja Botzilla, Lighten Up and Capture the Flag. Ninja! Ninja Botzilla sets you out with tiny robots in a quest to slay a huge gigantic robot. Capture the flag is very much like what Capture the Flag is and the Lighten Up game mode involves detonating in certain territories to colour the map a certain colour. Some game modes are proving more popular than others with Team Death Match populating the server the most. It is possible to create your own server and play any game type whilst also playing off-line to practice the different disciplines and combat tactics. Plain Sight feels exceptionally polished, both in the graphics department and the way the game controls. Admittedly there is the beginning learning curve to this game, however give it 10 minutes and all those unusual snags will become an afterthought.

Graphically Plain Sight is very futuristic whilst minimalist at the same time. Whether it be the fuel flares from the robots passing by or all the clean cut architecture, Plain Sight will never set the world alight in terms of graphics but it works extremely well to give you the representation of being in space, having a lack of gravity and absorbing you into the game world. The game also has a hidden layer of depth. You can choose to kill an enemy and then detonate to obtain points, alternatively you can build up your energy which in turn will make you grow bigger in size and provide a bigger detonation giving you a chance of killing other people in your path. Another area of the game which will require skill to master is battling against the zero gravity field. Despite having gravity boots your robot can get caught in a gravitational pull which can have you looping around different surfaces. The key to this is to charge your robot and use the boost to your advantage, it is also possible to track enemies and follow their paths if you can keep locked on, this can sometimes lead to super fast set pieces that have you on edge pushing your adrenaline.


For those with decent display units that are capable of high resolution images Plain Sight provides multiple resolutions and also graphic intensity options this in turn makes the game accessible to many players on multiple PC setups. Oddly though Plain Sight is defaulted to a windowed mode which doesn’t really make too much sense. In the practice arena as stated earlier in this review you can practice the core gameplay elements against bots. You can try each multiplayer map available in the game which means Beatnik haven’t locked everything which is a nice touch. This will enable you to learn power up pickup points which are scattered as stars around the game map. As you progress through the game’s multiplayer you will be able to unlock new powers for your robot. Extra accessories include shield, improved jumping, faster running, powerful detonation and added dexterity. With a £7.99 pricetag Plain Sight is extremely good value for money. Even if you are finding that you are not boding too well online, the off-line practice arena is worth the money alone. Steam is abundant and full of first person shooters and multiplayer death match arenas that it is desperate for something new and finally we have found an offering that will satisfy both the hard-core gaming community and those that appreciate originality. We can only hope that Beatnik will offer additional downloadable content to keep the community alive. We are very much looking forward to seeing what this developer comes up with in the future. Now if you excuse me, I am about to wield my sword and split some circuitry.

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