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Sony Will Win The Marathon

Conserving their energy for victory.

If we were to jump back to 2006 and discuss the system life cycles of that of the Playstation 3, Wii & Xbox 360, I am very sure many of us wouldn’t be stating that either company were going to hang around in the marketplace with the same system, ten years on. Jump forward to November 2008 and the world’s economical outlook took a massive plunge and since then Sony’s 10 year support ethos has thrown them into a leading position in the marketplace. Sony have been running a marathon and it looks as though they have been conserving their energy for 2011. Conserving their energy is a great analogy as Nintendo are now starting to prove that love for their console is dwindling and with failed market launches such as the Wii Motion Plus, it appears that the Wii is becoming yet again a dumping ground for shovel ware and half-assed titles. With Nintendo running out of breath after leading the race after 800 metres, it’s now became a two man race for gold.

Having a controller is pivotal. The EyeToy taught you that

Microsoft upon launch had a false start with the first six months of its release having simply a handful of games and their running started to jog into the wrong lanes when hardware failures hit the world over. It’s been Microsoft’s heavy and sturdy games release schedule that has kept them from running a cropper and it is the last tool in Microsoft’s arsenal as they no longer have the lower-price point argument what with the PS3 slim cutting down the price of Playstation architecture significantly. Forward to 2009 and Sony started to get into second gear, its battle with making Blu-Ray and industry format had finished and it could focus on releasing first party titles that packed significant punch. To top off Sony’s fantastic year in the industry, Uncharted 2 a PS3 exclusive swept award ceremonies the world over with its mind-blowing visuals and engaging storyline that brought cinema and interactivity closer than ever before.

In essence 2010 was meant to be about several key titles for both platforms but with Modern Warfare 2 hitting the release schedule like a shockwave back in November 2009 we’ve already been graced with some truly special games this generation that were multi-platform such as Bayonetta. Sony has started off 2010 with a bang, with MAG in January, God of War III and Heavy Rain in March, we’ve seen games are true proportionate scale brought to gamers in stunning beauty whilst providing game play with real immersion. We’ve seen Splinter Cell: Conviction out of the armoury of Microsoft to stick one back in the pipe of the Sony camp, for gaming in general once again the year seems to be a fruitful one for multi-console owners. Whilst the world prepares itself for Microsoft’s Halo Reach and Alan Wake, games such as Mod Nation Racers, Gran Turismo 5, The Last Guardian and Socom 4 will not go darkly into the night either.

Cutting edge design and social media convergence

In 2011 we’ll start to see the significance and success of Natal and Move. Natal which is somewhat hindered by its very own no-controller principle really has a lack of scope as to what it can produce, on the other hand Move has the ability to give jaded Wii players something they’ve always wanted. Gesture movement games with an online community and interaction that works. If Sony could produce a bundle to that of Wii Sports Resort and mix in online elements such as global leader boards or better still competitive matches we could be looking at one of the greatest games of all time, no kidding. However important or unimportant these controllers and gimmicks are to people it’s worth considering that there will be a lot of money to be made upon their release. Where Sony seem to be making sufficient ground in general is home electronics, with the release of their new Bravia TV series that integrates Facebook, YouTube and other media devices, Sony are leading the way in convergence and with 2011 approaching us, the home straight will come into sight and what looked like a foregone conclusion will suddenly see a company who looked to be committing gaming suicide stride into a healthy first place. Financially Sony will be astute and with news newly released that their latest TV sets will be compatible with the PS3’s 3D gaming architecture, the electronics giant have shown that once again they are the market leaders in home entertainment.

3D Gaming, not just a gimmick

With E3 and Gamescom rapidly approaching we are expecting Sony’s 2011 line up to be the strongest to date offering more games simply impossible to be rendered on the Xbox or Nintendo Wii. Whilst we have no allegiance to any specific console, what we can say is that if you’ve still not bought a PS3 yet, where the hell are you? You have already missed out on a gargantuan amount of fantastic content. Sony’s latest brand ethos makes complete sense; make.believe. When 2011 dawns, there will be nothing fairy tale about the NPC figures, Sony have done the equivalent of a marathon runner (without taking a piss halfway through, sorry Radcliffe) they have been at the back of the pack for the majority of the race and spent all their energy in the latter lifespan to blow away its competition. Watch this space!

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Sony Will Win The Marathon, 7.9 out of 10 based on 67 ratings
  • NA

    Does it honestly - and I mean “honestly” - matter who is going to win some so-called marathon in gaming? Can you not be happy with your given system? Enough is enough with this incessant fanboyism trash that is plaguing the internet gaming community. Just play your particular system and enough it. If someone likes something other than you, will so what? Will it change your life if someone prefers Xbox 360 over PS3 or Wii over DS or PC over Mac?

  • https://?u=admin James Ireland

    Does it matter? Of course it matters. Unless you want the console manufacturer to turn way of Sega and stop making games consoles. Regardless of fanboyism, if there was to be equilibrium in the marketplace there would be little need to push the boundaries.

  • bob

    i agree sonys always been best at making long lasting consoles look at ps2…..
    i think we’ll be playing ps3 games when everyone else is forced to buy a new console
    by m$ or ninendo just like last time the success of the wii is the worst thing to ever happen to gaming it showed companys it ok to make cheep products (wii? more like gamecube 1.5 with motion controls) and if now one bought it ninendo would be like sega and make games for playstation and xbox(another piece of crap) plus everyone should accept the fact that if all 3 consoles we’re the same price at launch ps3 would be the winner hands down… if nintendo wins all we’ll have is the same little kids games for eternity, and if m$ wins than we’ll have only fps and to use your box you’ll have to buy windows xbox version just to play plus pay for live(thats stupid)
    i’ll stick with sony thanks

  • Ven

    It’s for that reason that I purchased the PS3. I knew it’d be future-proof and we’re seeing it already passing 3.5 years into the system’s life.

  • tarbis

    Every little bit matters. Look at Nintendo’s past, don’t say the failure of Virtual boy, N64 and Gamecube doesn’t matter. They do in a large scale for Nintendo. They learn from it and they try to innovate and improve every little bit from each failure and they give us the Wii, although good and was able to sell lots of consoles world wide but they only catered to kids and grandfolks, where’s the hardcore stuff? They went too casual and that’s gonna hurt them. They need to learn that everyone grows up and always move on from kiddie stuff. They need retrack from the success of SNES where they were king and apply it again this gen or the next.
    Sony on the other hand has always been about diversity, innovation and always catered to all ages. The success of PS1 and PS2 are proof of that and they’re doing it again for PS3. However, their arrogance got the best of them when they launched the PS3 thinking brand loyalty is their key to success, problem is, Sony is no Apple where Apple fans are pure hardcore brand loyalist that they’ll buy anything Steve Jobs throws at them.
    Sony learned this now and restructured their strategy and are seeing the fruits of their labor.

  • https://?u=admin James Ireland

    Tarbis is absolutely right. Think now, just how important Blu-ray has turned out to be for Sony. Making Microsoft shell the HD-DVD format to the point of not even including it on direct drive support will ultimately hurt them in the next year or two.

  • greenberg

    Also don’t forget that PS3 showed us that a decent anti-piracy for console gaming can be done. This ensures that developers in now and in the future can earn a living on PS3 system. Thanks to the Cell processor and Blu-ray : ) Is there any other optical media capable of HD media? This makes me wonder what Nintendo and Microsoft will use in their next consoles. will they stick with DVD or cartridge?

  • VR-4nic

    The PS3 has truly been a joy to own with all the great 1st party content I don’t see how any true hardcore gamer could pass it up! I have all three consoles but for the most part my Wii just collects dust and my 360 for the most part has been entertaining but the two RROD they suffered were not! I hate to think I’ll have to buy new consoles soon seeing how BigN/M$ both seem to stop supporting old hardware once new stuff is released. Its nice to know that at least one of my consoles is future proof and will be supported well into ten years of its life cycle. I really hope we dont see any new hardware before 2012 but Im sure the Wii 2 will be here soon with the current one being so under powered compared to the PS3/360!.

  • Gilberto

    Guys, I love games. I’m a lucky owner of a PS3 System, a XBOX 360 System and a Wii System ! Regardless that … Nintendo is the clear winner of this generation ! And they did that with GameCube 1.5 ! It’s too late to Natal or PS Move revert the scenario. Maybe next time folks …

  • pshit3killer

    This article is crap! This sony fangirl thinks sony is the king of electronics and apparently he does’nt do some research. Sony is not even in the top 3 companies when it comes to electronics. Samsung is the king of electronics then is Panasonic and then LG. Sony is ranked at number 5 worldwide. This writer talks about sony’s over priced underperforming tvs like they are the best. Please do some research before you write this crap boy. Sony last isaw is about 7 million systems short of Microsoft and about 33 million form sony so stop with your stupid marathon crap. But you are right in one thing, sony will eventually catch and pass Microsoft in total sales because Microsoft will get to 10 years first and by the time sony gets to 10 years we will be playing next generation while you play with your crapstation 3, lol. But sony will never catch Nintendo period. Anyways only an idiot like this writer would want to play games on an aging 10 year old system when the rest of us will be on the Next Gen systems. You are truly a sony fangirl and really dont know crap about systems. You really think sony will let Nintendo and Microsoft get another headstart, sony will bring out crapstation 4 two years short of the 10 year lifecycle of shitstation 3. I love my 360 and will be happy playing it until the next generation of XBOX!!

  • https://?u=admin James Ireland

    Says the person who’s name is pshit3killer. Not biased at all are you?

  • https://?u=admin James Ireland

    if you factor in Nintendo’s handhelds then yes, but who knows how long this generation will last for? The longer it lasts the more chance Nintendo has of slipping behind.

  • Brakers

    pshit3killer - Would agree with you if I could, but what and where is all this new generation stuff you’re referring to thats gonna blow Sony out of the water. The article is commenting on stuff we know is out there (blu ray) and stuff we know is coming (PS Move, 3D, new Sony TVs). What, pray tell, is it your waiting for from MS…..Natal???? seriously, this looks flawed to me, although in the interests of fairness I;ll reserve judgment until I see it in the flesh. MS are lagging well behind in the ‘future tech’ arena and in that respect, I agree completely with the article.

  • Guy

    Am I the only one finding it funny that you praise the superb Sony catalog and mention titles like Mod Nation Racers, Gran Turismo 5, The Last Guardian and Socom 4 although they don’t even have a final release date and games like MAG which received only mediocre results?
    Yet at the same time you somehow fail to even mention games like Mass Effect 2, Fable 3, Crackdown 2 and Gears of War 3? Halo Reach and Alan Wake are only the cream of the fine crop.

    This “article” seems a little bit off balanced and completely misinforming - the usual fanboy shit we sometimes see floating on N4G.

  • Simo

    This site is just looking for visitors from N4G, get used to it, its all about money. Sad

  • kage

    No none of this matters contrary to what Mr. Ireland cares to believe. None of the players in the market now are going the way of Sega, it’s all a self-induced jerk session for the pathetic saps that pay attention to this “war”.

    The whole marathon talk has grown old, the points covered in the article are mixed with assumption and obvious bias.

    It’s people like him that make game journalism the joke it is today.

  • https://?u=admin James Ireland

    I have to disagree I’m afraid Kage. Noone is forcing you to read this. The joke is that editorial like this gets more traffic than a well crafted review piece, unfortunately PR’s don’t give a shit about you unless you have a good Alexa rating and from time to time we have to write a ‘red top’ headline to pull in the additional traffic we require so we can keep writing great game reviews, previews and event pieces. It’s a necessary evil i’m afraid.

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