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Warships - Sea On Fire! iPhone Review
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Battleships is a game which hasn’t evolved, it hasn’t changed. There are probably thousands of fans who still play the board game and will be over the moon with ‘Warships’. ‘Warships’ itself is basically a repackaged version of the board game, it doesn’t set out to be groundbreaking - instead giving the oppurtunity to carry the game in their pocket.

I’m not going to review ‘Battleships’ which is all the gameplay is, therefore I’ll comment on how the game is implemented, aesthetics and audio.
There is a ‘Campaign’ option which gives a basic shell to multiple battles that lead on from eachother; a fairly superficial addition in all fairness. Also available is the ability to choose which type of theme you want; Warships, Pirate and Space, this is a nice feature and can help freshen up the game experience. The visual side of the game is good, it doesn’t push any boundaries but the different themes are a nice touch and the menus are very nice on the eye.

mailsdf Warships   Sea On Fire! iPhone Review

Audio wise the game satisfies everything needed; a seafaring song is played throughout your time playing ‘Warships’ and it is actually very catchy and suits the game well. A sound clip of a submarines sonar is played when a menu option is selected or a ship is anchored, although there are no submarines in the game it fits in with the marine vibe. Some quite cartoonesque bytes have been used to accompany the firing of the cannon, hitting a ship or firing straight into the ocean; these fit in very well with the light hearted nature of this game.
mailasf Warships   Sea On Fire! iPhone Review
I’m a guy who doesn’t mind to play the board game with a friend, it can be fun; but when you’ve sent umpteen odd shots into the sea it can lose it’s appeal. I can’t knock the way in which the game has been implemented but with this being basically a portable board game, it all depends on your love (or lack) of ‘Battleships’.

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Rating: 10.0/10 (3 votes cast)
Warships - Sea On Fire! iPhone Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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