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BlindGiRl Review
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Over 800 games have been released on the Xbox Live Indie Games service with possibly none being as unique or creative as developer GLPea’s latest game called BlindGiRl.

BlindGiRl provided me with a completely original gaming experience like nothing I’ve seen before, and that is a great credit to a game that will only set you back an extremely low 80 Microsoft Points. The objective of the game is to navigate a blind girl around 22 pitch-black mazes, collecting musical notes, which will produce a song when all have been collected.

Using the left analogue stick, you move a set of feet which represent the blind girl around the screen which let off red waves which represent sound waves. These red sound waves show up the walls of the maze when hit and therefore allow you to navigate around the maze and find the musical note. Pressing the A button results in the girl “singing” which releases green sound waves that show a wider range of the screen and therefore reveal more of the maze. The actual movement of the feet create a stomping sound effect that acts as a mellow beat itself.

As you progress through the game, the mazes become longer and also harder to navigate around. The latter levels of the game introduce obstacles such as walls you have to break through and choose the correct path along with enemies you must avoid. Ruby red shoes transport you around certain mazes and must be find in order to progress.

As previously mentioned, the game consists of 22 mazes with each maze rewarding you with a note of the song when completed. These mazes can be completed in any order but it’s recommended to complete them in the correct order due to the beginning levels introducing you to the game and acting as tutorials. The difficulty of the mazes varies a bit too often, with one level being extremely short and easy with the next being more challenging and taking a considerable amount of time to complete.

The game will take approximately 2 hours to complete and therefore provides pretty good value for money when you consider the game only costs 80 Microsoft Points. If you’re looking for a fun, unique gaming experience for a low fee, I highly recommended checking out BlindGiRl.

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