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Wii Party Announced

Satoru Iwata today announced a new game to be released on the Wii, titled “Wii Party”. Wii Party is described as “A combination of Mario Party and Wii Sports” with games such as “Balance Ship” and “Mii Jyan Roulette” to be included. The latest “Wii something” title gives the player even more opportunities to get their avatar, or “Mii” involved in the game, a feature exclusive to the Wii. In a presentation by Iwata to investors he said “We are developing this game with the aim to make it a marquee party game for (the) Wii”. From the sounds of things we can expect games similar to those found on Wii Play, Wii Sport and Mario Party, which if presented right could make for quite an enjoyable game.

wii party Wii Party Announced

The problem for Nintendo however, is they are releasing yet another minigame collection into the already over saturated market. There’s already countless Wii minigame collections filling up store shelves and the bargain bins of video game stores globally. So of course, leave it to Nintendo to churn out yet another compilation of casual party style games, brand it with their shiny ovular logo and expect to sell the game on that alone. We can only wait to see what will come of it.

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    This is absolutely awesome, makes me sad that I still don’t own a wii.

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