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DynamoKid [iPhone]
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Dynamo Kid is brought to you by the folks over at OrangePixel and this game is a wholelottanuthin which is surprising because this is the same company that put out MiniPlane which wasn’t all that bad. There’s no story, no introduction of any sort, you just hit play and BAM—you’re off. Off to what? Who knows, there’s no direction, just a straight forward—as basic as can be—platformer.

Your character runs automatically so there’s no slowing him down or stopping, what kept me playing was the world generates randomly so it’s kinda nice to play something slightly new each time you turn the game on.

IMG 0555 DynamoKid [iPhone]

A big star, two gaps, and a boulder. WHAT DO YOU DO?!

As you progress through the levels and earn more points, the black and white background will begin to fill in with color, that was a neat feature, probably the only appealing thing about the game. Essentially it’s a craptastic platformer where you’re playing just to color shit in. That’s what I gathered at least.

The controls are simple, drag your finger across the empty rocks to fill in for a base and keep running, you tap to jump and tap the enemies to knock them off the screen. There are small stars you’ll tap so they drop in front of you thus collecting them, also throughout the levels they’ll be a big star which you’ll do the same.

Slide your finger over the stars to drop them and collect.

Though the controls overall aren’t really responsive. Many times I would drag and tap my finger over the platforms just for them not to appear, or my character would run off the edge when I know I tapped to jump. It seems the same with enemies sometimes. You also can’t control your jump, in some instances there will be a floating platform waving back and forth and I have literally jumped over the platform because it moved behind me.

The sound, however, is horrible. The effects of everything just sound cheap and quickly thrown together.

There are achievements and leaderboards which you can have updated to your email address but I’d recommend not even buying this game so don’t worry about that, it’s nothing crazy anyways just your typical “yaay you beat your old highscore, HERE’S AN ACHIEVEMENT!” I swear, since XBOX360 made this whole achievement thing, everyone has been jumping on the bandwagon and making it really lame, yes achievements are cool I want to do crazy things and get rewarded for it but god damn stop making it because I defeated my old high score. I’M LOOKING AT YOU POCKET GOD! Anyway..

This game is easily passable, for them to charge $1.99 is a big ridiculous considering how you can purchase so much better for cheaper, Angry Birds anyone?

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Rating: 10.0/10 (4 votes cast)
DynamoKid [iPhone], 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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