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Costumes, Cartoons and Cornish Pasties.

May 29th, the middle of my GCSE exams and I’m standing outside the London Excel talking to people dressed as Tetris Blocks. Not only does the MCM Expo have some characters, but It was also one of the events I had looked forward to since attending the October 2009 day out.

Over the six hours I spent at the expo, I had the chance to meet many people in cosplay (some costumes were better and more ‘pleasing’ to the eye than others) and I interviewed several, including a rather nice gent dressed as Pacman (below.)

I also interviewed a Deathnote who mentioned how ‘hateful’ the expo was, unfortunately the interview was a bit of a shambles as you can tell I’m not particularly popular with the ladies quote: ‘are you aware that you are being interviewed’ and I return I had a disapproving ‘no…’

Talking of the costumes the amount of good ones there were was astounding , from Fonejacker and Gundam characters to some handmade ODST armour, the amount of variation and people’s interests really shone through, making the atmosphere of the place incredibly friendly and oddly enough, like everybody present was part of one big family.

Despite the regular people dressed as their favourite characters, there were also some professional cosplayers dressed as various characters from films and in absolutely stunning costumes.

Below are various photos from the event:

Even Predators like the Dukes of Hazard car.

I’m a hit with the ladies, I mean, Iron men…

V-Do and Kafai get pulled over…

My jaw hit the floor. (sadly sideways)

My Dream Ride

A Team Van

Pacman’s turning circle.

Cookie Monster

Intense gundam cosplay

Traditional Japanese dude (so traditional, he thinks looking into cameras will steal his soul)

Overall, as expected the MCM expo delivered, and it did it with more of a bang than the October expo, with a world record breaking event of having the most Nintendo DS players present in one place.

Damian Field, Guinness World Records’ Official Adjudicator, commented: “It is a tremendous achievement for the MCM Expo to reach a number of 586, smashing the existing world record of 381. It’s rare for a UK mass participation to reach over 500.”

As for the gaming aspect of things, I have several hands on reviews coming, including Transformers – War for Cybertron and the much anticipated Quantum Theory.

So stay tuned to for those pieces, coming soon.

I would also like to give a big thank you to all the people in the Press office at the expo for being so helpful to both me and my friends, and in particular David Axbey and Jane Ralph for being so welcoming on the day.

-Dean Case


Lunchtime was fun too.

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  • https://?u=TomMcKeating Tom McKeating

    Nice post Dean. Some of the photo’s are hilarious.

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