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The Electronic Entertainment Expo is the perfect place for developers to shock the gaming world by announcing unexpected new games and sending us nerds (or jocks in my case, of course) into a state of uncontrollable excitement.

There are just 4 more days to endure before E3 begins on Monday, and this made us think “what games would we like to see announced?” So here we have it, the top 10 games that we here at WeDoTech would love to see announced at E3 this year. We highly doubt any of these games will actually see the light of day in the near future, but we can all but dream, right? In no particular order…


The original Banjo-Kazooie was easily my favourite game on the Nintendo 64 and possibly still my all-time favourite platform title. Rescuing Banjo’s kidnapped sister Tooty and defeating the evil which Gruntilda were at the top of my objective list back in the day. Rare games tried to reignite the series back in 2008 with “Nuts and Bolts” but tried to cash in on the famous name of the series and made more of a racing title instead of sticking to the incredible platform elements which made the series so famous in the first place. The things I would do to see Banjo-Kazooie return to its original roots and be presented in gorgeous High Definition graphics…

Superfrog 2

Developers Team 17 are most famous for making the Worms series of games, but back in 1993, they released an absolute gem of a game for the Amiga called Superfrog. An evil witch turns a Prince into a frog and kidnaps the Prince’s girlfriend, only for the frog to find a bottle of Lucozade by the local river which turns him into Superfrog! You then have to jump your way across a variety of worlds in order to defeat the witch and rescue your soon-to-be princess Is it just me, or did all old platform games involve kidnapping and a witch… Anyway, a Superfrog 2 or even a remake of the original would be a perfect Xbox Live Arcade or Playstation Network title and I would gladly pay good money to relive the highly addictive platforming gameplay and hear that blissful audio once more.

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot is easily one of the most recognisable gaming characters of all time. Having appeared in no less than 18 games thus far, with 7 of these being platform games, 5 being racing games such as Crash Team Racing, 4 being handheld games and 2 being part games, it’s safe to say that if you don’t know who Crash Bandicoot is or you have never heard of the crazy critter, you’re not a true gamer. Due to the huge popularity of the series, recent developers Radical Entertainment have released sub-par (and that’s being kind) games such as “Crash of the Titans” and “Crash: Mind over Mutants” in order to cash in on the famous Bandicoot. I would love to see the series go back to its roots with Naughty Dog developing the series once more, so we could finally see the critter defeating Doctor Neo Cortex in beautiful High Definition and relive what an incredibly experience the early Crash Bandicoot games were.

Forza Motorsport 4

forza motorsport 3 profilelarge Top 10 Most Wanted Game Announcements

Exclusive to the Xbox 360, the Forza Motorsport series has arguably been the stand-out racing series thus far for this generation of consoles; although I’m sure Gran Turismo 5 will have something to say about that when it eventually launches. We gave Forza Motorsport 3 a glittering review late last year and we would love to see another iteration of the series to see what new ideas Microsoft could implement into the racing genre.

Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 2 is like Marmite; you either love it or hate it. Its followers like myself adore it for the action packed and intense gameplay found in the online modes, whereas there are those that despise the title for the ridiculous amount of glitches found in multiplayer and the fact that you don’t have to be skilled at the game to score highly due to the large amount of bullshit weapons and perks such as the over-used Noob Tube, with the killstreaks in the game encouraging camping to occur. Even with all these problems, for some reason I can’t hate the game and still play it on a regular basis. The problems at Infinity Ward suggest we won’t see a Modern Warfare 3 anytime soon, but I’d love to see if the studio has another stellar title left in them and if they could gain respect for their company back.


halflife2 Top 10 Most Wanted Game Announcements

I have personally hardly played a Half-Life game (shame on me) and therefore need to pick up The Orange Box at once, but the famous series has a huge following due to its supposedly brilliant combat mixed with puzzle gameplay which gave the series the high recognition it has today. Recent rumours have been making their way around the internet suggesting developers Valve will be announcing a new Half-Life game at E3 so we’ll have to wait and see, but I’d love to dive deep into the Half-Life phenomenon and discover what all of the hype is about.

Shenmue 3

If you have never experienced the original Shenmue on the Dreamcast, then drop everything you’re doing right now, leave your office, storm out of work and go buy a Dreamcast and copy of Shenmue at your local games shop. You owe it to yourself to play what in my opinion was by far the best game on the Dreamcast console. The epic story of Ryo trying to get revenge for the death of his father is famous for introducing Quick Time Events to the gaming world along with captivating role-playing game elements. I, along with thousands of other gamers, just wish SEGA would buck their ideas up and finish of the Shenmue trilogy in style instead of developing pointless (although fun) games such as Sega All-stars Racing. Give the fans what they really want SEGA!

Bioshock 3

The under-water world of Rapture captured our imaginations and sent us on a crazy adventure when 2K Games released the atmospheric Bioshock back in 2007. The sequel Bioshock 2 was a great game in its own right but unfortunately didn’t live up to is predecessor’s glory. We would love to make one last final visit to Rapture and see the twisted city from another perspective. I believe there is more great things to come and more Big Daddies to kill.

Motorstorm 3

Recent screenshots leaked on the internet suggest that another instalment in the popular Playstation 3 excusive series Motorstorm will be amongst us sooner rather than later. This was great news as I thoroughly enjoyed winning the Motorstorm Festival in Monument Valley and racing through the lush terrains found in the sequel Pacific Rift. The rumoured screenshots suggest that the next game could be set in a post-apocalyptic world, and this to my knowledge would be the first time a racing game has seen this kind of environment and therefore interesting ideas could pursue from this. We look forward to hopefully hearing more at E3.

Uncharted 3

Nathan Drake is my hero and Uncharted 2 was undoubtedly one of the best, if not THE best, games of recent times due to the jaw-dropping graphics, ridiculously fun gameplay and enthralling storyline. Uncharted 2 won Game of the Year on many websites, including our own, so surely it’s inevitable that we will see Nathan Drake and his motley crew set off on another treasure hunting journey, but when?! We hope Naughty Dog surprises us with an announcement at E3.

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    uncharted 3 would be effing amazing. probably unlikely we will hear anything as those games typically take at least 2 years to make probably this time next year we will hear some rumblings, but we can hope can’t we. Also i have a feeling when and if a half life 3 comes out that it will be garbage. Look no further than last year’s wolfenstein for proof that rebooting old franchises isn’t always a good idea, especially when most console gamers couldn’t tell you who gordon freeman was if he farted in there face.

  • https://?u=bax88 Alan Baxter

    Very true about most console remakes being shit, but surely they wouldn’t be allowed to screw up a franchise as big as Half-Life…

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