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Ubisoft E3 Round-up

Developer giants Ubisoft had a ton to show us lucky gamers at E3 with no less than 10 upcoming games receiving presentations. You can check out all of the presentations below individually, and therefore can watch the videos that interest you instead of having to sit through the whole presentation.

Ubisoft’s most anticipated are without doubt Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and the recently announced Driver game. AC is shown in video 2, with Ghost recon starring in video 8 and Driver in video 9. Shaun White: Skateboarding also makes an appearance along with a few Kinect games Ubisoft are developing. To round off the show, Ubisoft announced Michael Jackson: The Game, but unfortunately didn’t have any gameplay footage to show us. I find it incredible they are still trying to make money off the great mans name, even after he has passed away.

A pretty strong presentation fro Ubisoft then with 3 really exciting games being shown. Check out all of the footage below.

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