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60% Vote Kinect Will Be Shit

In our last poll we asked you what will be shitter? Kinect or Move. Well, it appears that Kinect is indeed seem as the shitter of the two products as 60% of you voted Kinect to be doo-doo butter whilst 40% of you voted on Move. From our own perspective we are very much in agreement that Kinect from our standpoint looks the weaker of the two products. Having a controllerless interface didn’t work on the EyeToy, so why Microsoft thinks it’ll work on the Xbox 360 beggers belief. Out of all the games exhibited at E3, it was Harmonix’s Dance Central that appeared to be the most interesting and fun to play, unlike Kinectimals and Kinect Adventure. Move on the other hand has some very tasty titles lined up including: Sorcery.

The main catchment for us is that Move will offer us a new way to play our favorite games. Killzone 3 will have move support, Heavy Rain will be backdated to support it, so will EyePet. We’re glad EyePet will have the support as we can finally throw away that stupid cardboard paw. SOCOM 4 looks tastier than honey coated muff and to see it working so effortlessly makes us yearn for it. I’ve always said that I wanted a Wii HD, if anything detracts me from the experience on the Wii it’s actually the graphics even more so than the control system as my eyes are used to eye blisteringly sharp visuals. Instead i get plenty of jaggies, especially in third party games.

Our new poll is up, why not check it out? We’re asking whom won E3 2010. Our vote; Nintendo.

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