James Ireland On June - 20 - 2010
If your father is more like Peter Moore than Dudley Moore then you maybe wondering what sort of gaming goodness could you be buying him on father’s day. After all he was probably the man that got you into gaming in the first place right? Yes, if he was cool enough. I wanted to share you my Top 10 Fathers Day gifts, because without my dad, I don’t think I’d ever be passionate about videogames to the extend I am now. He unleashed me to the power of the Atari 520 ST FM back in 1989 and I’ve been playing games ever since I was four years old. So, this one is for you Dad! (List is in no particular order)

10. Speedlink Competition Pro Joystick with 99 C64 Games

10 Top 10 Fathers Day Gifts

The chances are, your old man is down with the retro goodness. For many of you, your father can only handle 2 buttons at most. So what better than a throwback with one of the best Joysticks of all time, the Competition Pro and to throw more value at you it comes bundled with a CD-ROM full of 99 C64 games! The joystick is a ‘joy’ to use as we have one here at the office. It brings back the memories tenfold.

9. Conrad Retro Ping Pong Game Kit

9 Top 10 Fathers Day Gifts

This is a fantastic ice breaker. The Conrad Retro Ping Pong Game Kit is a fantastic novelty piece that will bring back a flurry of memories. Not only can you play the original Pong game, you get to build the video game console from scratch with all the pieces and a handy instruction guide. Now that is cool! You can’t get much more retro than that!

8. Galaxy Cosmic Multi Arcade Machine

If you are lucky enough to be working in the city and have more money to piss up the wall than BP then we can offer you a choice that will eclipse every birthday or Christmas present even given to your father. The Galaxy Cosmic features a 28” screen, can be adapted for free or coin play and contains classic games such as Ms Pac Man, Frogger, Donkey Kong and Arkanoid. There is a massive list of games and the architecture can be updated to add more games if necessary. It does come in at over £1000 so it will price out allot of people.

7. Game Over Tea Mug

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Rather than a worlds best Dad cup, why not give him something he is more likely to use. The Game Over mug is only £4.99 so is affordable for everyone and comes in a nicely presented cardboard box. There is no special heat image reveal though but it looks damn cool and something I’d happily parade around my PG tips.

6. Nintendo DSi XL

6 Top 10 Fathers Day Gifts

Don’t settle for the Nintendo DS Lite, buy your old man the XL. After all his eye sight is probably as good as George Osborne’s foresight at tackling the deficit. The XL comes with a larger screen and has all the functionality of the DSi, which means internal memory to download classic games off of the Nintendo Shop. You even get an added 3 hours battery life for this model, essential for when your Dad falls asleep with it left on!

5. Sega Megadrive Ultimate Collection

800px SegaMegadrive qjpreviewth Top 10 Fathers Day Gifts

Let’s assume that your Dad has managed to figure out how to use more than a few buttons and has purchased himself a PS3 or Xbox 360. Either that or you are the son/daughter who would allow him to play on your state of the art videogame console. I can think of no better deal than to pick up the Sega Megadrive Collection as a fathers day purchase. The game is sitting pretty at only £10.00 at the moment and that is a steal considering the amount of games you get for the price. It contains over 40 games, including all the Sonics and has the ability to output in 720p so the visuals even look more polished.

4. 42 All-Time Classics

This one comes from experience. I can think of no better game to recommend than 42 All-Time Classics. It’s a DS game which offers local and online play and is an absolute joy to play together. Bonus, only one cartridge needed. You can play Darts, Bowling, Poker, Canasta to name just a few of the 42 classic games that you unlock and play. There is also a scenario mode to give the single-player added life too.

3. Snakebyte Wireless Classic Controller

3 Top 10 Fathers Day Gifts

Old people hate wires. They are very pedantic about wires trawling throughout their house. So with this in mind I am suggesting the Snakebyte Classic Controller as a real viable option for those with a Nintendo Wii in their household. It has great signal, is very comfortable and best of all, you can now go back and buy those N64, SNES and NES games you loved playing as you were growing up and getting your first games consoles. It’s another chance to skool your Dad again!

2. FIFA World Cup 2010

2 Top 10 Fathers Day Gifts

Youlways come together when it comes to the football right? Well, why not take that further and start playing football games together again. EA have done a brilliant job with bringing in the 2-button system to get casual gamers back into playing football games, so it is only natural we suggest this one. This game will bridge the gap between the old and current generation of video gamers. Let the beautiful game commence!

1. Sony PS2 Slim

Did your Dad used to game? Has he been phased out of the arena with too many buttons to press? Or has he been scared by people taunting him because he sucks at Halo? The Sony PS2 Slim is the perfect accompaniment to getting your fathers back into gaming. It’s super cheap now, the games are in abundance and the wealth of choice is more than enough to provide at least 20-30 games that he’ll enjoy. What’s more, once he gets used to the PS2 he’ll be able to jump straight into Xbox 360 and PS3 games as the control set-up will be familiar to him. It’s an instant buy!

That rounds up our choices, we’d naturally like to hear your comments on what you thought, what suggestions you would come up with and indeed what did you get your Dad for fathers day this year? Let us know in the comments below or register to our forum and get involved in our community.

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  • Mike

    If you ask me the Namco Museum should have made it up there. It gives you the old fashion games like Dig-Dug and Galactica, but also has a better version of them which is really fun to play for me, while my dad sticks with the classics. It’s like the perfect father/son gift really.

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