James Ireland On June - 27 - 2010

The latest simulator by Astragon, but how does it fare? Can they get back on track after the abysmal Driving Simulator 2009? Watch the video and find out!

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  1. Blaize says:

    Great Review especially the improvised Rock Part LOL!! its like they have taken a Oasis Solo and just played it forever. Love the bit when you were stopped behind the Bus that was Hilarious. I just love the underlining thing going on in that.

    Top job you guys need to do more reviews more regularly and i think you might take off

  2. Great to here you enjoyed it! We want to start building a community at the website, that’s our main aim at the moment. So hopefully with some of the reviews being exclusive over here it’ll help do that :D

  3. bkmelendez says:

    I’m liking the video reviews exclusive to the website. This review was funny as usual and you’re really getting back into form with your humor.

  4. Charlie Strank says:

    Hey, I really love your simulator reviews! they are hilarious! i posted the German truck simulator review on my facebook and i got 2 of my friends subscribed to you!
    make more simulators :D

  5. Steven Broadbent says:

    I can’t view the review guys! Which player do I need to have downloaded it’s saying debug veoh.com player on my screen, do I need something else? x

  6. Not that i know of, if you have the latest version of flash installed, shouldn’t be a problem.

  7. stephen says:

    Hi i bought this game about 1 week ago and have had a few problems i cant get the buses to run smooth along the road.And was also told that you can have double deckers went onto https://www.bussimulator2009.de/downloads/index.html as was told you can download new buses impossible to use kept saying wrong folder im thinking if i should return this game and get a refund i really do not want to but im starting to think i have no other choice.i did Email for help 3 days ago and still waiting on a answer back to what i asked.

  8. Samhws says:

    great game, Has anyone got a problem with the vehicle fleet??? Doesn’t seem? to be working on mine…???

  9. Shylad1 says:

    lol loved the review i bought it was dispointted in camera nagle you cant even see the traffic lights if drive up too close its got a good concept but too many things let it down.

  10. andy81 says:

    yeah same for me the fleet keeps disappearing and need to close the game down and reload but sometimes that is not working either.

  11. Jack_d1997 says:

    How do you buy buses off the Internet

  12. Jack_d1997 says:

    How do you buy buses off the Internet

  13. Yousuf-ali says:

    are you from portsmouth?

  14. pie pigion says:

    i have bus fleet prob aswell

  15. s1monz says:

    Lmao, Love it when the banker gets on the bus.

  16. Ianweaver13 says:

    there is a patch on creators site

  17. KAZ says:

    i hate it when the fucking menu gets messed up i have 2 restart the whole fucking game agaiin!

  18. Geust Bownas says:

    Fuk u game

  19. nobody says:

    I know you from somewhere but I can’t think where.

  20. Fat Families by any chance?

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