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Joe Danger Review
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Every once in a while, a true gem of a game comes along (often unexpectedly) and reminds us why we love to play video games so much. Joe Danger is undoubtedly one of these games. Developed by the incredible Hello Games who consist of only 4 friends working together to “create games that will put a stoopid grin on your face” Joe Danger is the company’s debut title and can be found exclusively on the Playstation Network.

Joe Danger focuses on the worlds most determined stuntman who is trying to rise to fame once more after a horrific crash which could have, and should have ended his career a long time ago. It’s your job to help Joe Danger make a name for himself once more as you entertain the crowds and take down the evil Team Nasty at the same time. You compete in events and earn stars, with a certain amount of stars needed to unlock future events and progress through the game.

joe 2 Joe Danger Review

Each level of Joe Danger sets you a variety of objectives which when met reward you with a gold star. The objectives in the game dictate how you approach in level and therefore a single level can be replayed many different times and feel fresh with each play. Objectives include tasks such as completing the level under a certain time limit, collecting all of the stars scattered throughout the level, collecting all of the letters to spell out the word DANGER and landing jumps on all of the required targets in a level. I’m finding it extremely hard to place Joe Danger in a certain genre of game due to the huge variety of gameplay and the way the levels are set out. I want to make sure you realise Joe Danger is not simply a racing game. If you want to successfully complete all of the objectives and earn all of the stars in the game, each level will need to be explored to find hidden objectives and carefully manoeuvred to ensure you pick up all of the stars and land on all of the targets. And of course, you can earn high-scores in each event via performing death-defying stunts and linking together combos, with your scores being compared to your friends instantly after each event which will give you further motivation to perform at your best.

Joe Danger is very much a trial and error game and this is possibly due to the often short and intuitive level design, but most importantly the fact you can restart an event instantly by simply pressing the select button on your controller. With no loading times whatsoever during events, the game lets you jump straight back into the action for another attempt at that tricky jump or had to beat time target. Joe Danger’s brilliant control system also helps to make the game easy to pick up and play. The R2 and L2 buttons accelerate and brake your bike along with allowing you to control movement whilst you’re in the air, with the R1 and L1 buttons being pressed to perform your stunts.

joebig Joe Danger Review

There are a reasonable number of stunts available to woo the crowd with in the game, and the longer you hold the stunt or the harder to stunt is to pull off, the more score and nitrous boost you are awarded. Boosting is performed by pressing the X button and a tricky stipulation has been implemented; you can only use boost when the bar is full. This will change your tactics throughout the level by making you think when the best time to use boost is if you need extra oomph to reach an out of range star or courageously fly over a shark infested pool, whilst also encouraging you to perform more stunts in order to fill your boost meter. Holding the Square button on your controller allows you to duck under obstacles and increase the height of your jumps if you time the release perfectly with your take-offs as you leave ramps. All of these controls mould together extremely well and help to make Joe Danger a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Joe Danger brings a ton of much needed charm to a gaming world which is generally full of dull environments and gameplay geared towards the destruction of others. Instead of decapitating your enemies and smearing walls with blood, you will be struggling to controller your laughter as you see Joe’s plump body ragdoll across the screen and you fail to land an audacious super-man seatgrab mixed with a triple backflip. Seeing Joe land in a pool of sharks and climbing to the edge of the tank, performing a cocky victory dance and then loosing his footing and painfully crunching his family jewels and giving the hungry sharks another visit will never fail to bring a smile to my face. The quirky soundtrack and sound effects add a fun and appropriate environment to and compliment the games colourful and detailed graphics perfectly. The game is full of humour and excitement which mixed with its addictive gameplay keeps you coming back for more. A lack of variety in the game environments is the only visual issue with the game and could do with perhaps some additional locations and possibly weather effects, but this shouldn’t put you off playing the game and doesn’t make the game any less addictive.

After you’ve restored the legendary name of Joe Danger back where it belongs in the single player portion of the game, you can battle a friend in split-screen racing or unleash your creative spark and design your own tricky tracks in the sandbox area. I found making a fun and enjoyable track an easy task to accomplish and I often veer from creative side of funs, and this states just how good the tools on offer here are. There is a strong variety of jumps and hazards to play around with and you can pause the game at any time to add in extra features to your level. This can lead to some hilarious moments such as adding in multiple bombs in the landing zone as Joe Danger is in mid-air and watching the helpless chap make a painful landing as soon as you recommence the game. The levels you create can be uploaded and shared with your friends and therefore you can battle spend countless hours trying to beat each others times on created levels or out-do each other and see who can build the best playground for Joe to break some bones in.

Overall, Joe Danger is a breath of fresh air and I can confidently say that the game is the best currently available of the Playstation Network. Fluid controls, addictive, varied gameplay, tons of humour and great graphics make Joe Danger a fantastic experience which every Playstation 3 owner should have. At a bargain price of £10/$15, you’d be a fool not to give the game a go and support a highly talented up and coming Developing studio in Hello Games.

4.8/5 Stars

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Joe Danger Review, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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