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Icecrypt T2200 HD Freeview Box Review
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Today we’re looking at the IceCrypt T2200 HD Freeview Box. Our endeavour to find a Freeview alternative to Sky started when BskyB delivered their new EPG for their HD box, needless to say it is shit and ghastly at the same time. So on further inspection Freeview, Freesat and other digital content producers are finally catching up with both its features and signal reliability.

The Icecrypt T2200 is an adequate looking box, it’ll hardly blow your bollocks off with it’s blocky design so in terms of aesthetics it doesn’t win many marks. However, just like a fat bird, if you look past the flab you can sometimes see some endearing qualities. Firstly, the biggest selling feature of this Freeview box is the fact it has two card insert bays. This is wonderful for those of you who are willing to piss their money up the wall paying to watch overpaid pansies kicking a pigs bladder across a football pitch each year.

Another great feature is the USB stick support. Formats the T2200 can handle are; DivX, DivX HD, MKV and AVI/Xvid files. This will be fantastic for those whom like their viewing experience with a slice of the underground, or a slice of the visual poontang. Unfortunately the guys at the designing department didn’t realize that when using the USB device, the channel changing buttons are obstructed. However, if you are one of those people that have a habit of loosing things then don’t buy this. The T2200 retails at around £140, not exactly spare change, then again if you do have a habit of loosing things then you may find enough pound coins behind the sofa.

What impressed us the most with this hardware is the menu system! It’s easy to navigate, looks clean and has a nice two-tone grey colour scheme. After our testing it’s also one of the fastest boxes to automatically tune in to channels. Where the Icecrypt T2200 lacks punch is the fact that it isn’t bundled with a hard drive. When you consider the price you are paying, it does seem all a little steep. The two CI slots aren’t enough and will only coax a small amount of people, people who you could argue maybe better off with a satellite subscription. It’s the equivalent of going to a top quality massage parlor but then getting a toothy blowjob.

With that painful mental image aside, the Icecrypt T2200 does have promise and that comes from future development. It’s confirmed to have iPlayer support and there could even be Sky Player support in the future. The box is certainly capable with its ethernet port and there is no add-ons to buy like HDMI cables, they are all bundled with the box. Overall the Icecrypt is a Freeview box that does the job, but at a cost and with the distinct lack of hard drive it may leave you thinking twice about the purchase. If it delivers in adding the ethernet features it’ll be well worth its value, but until that time we’d only recommend it if you aren’t on a shoestring budget.

As an aside from this review, if you are thinking of picking up a Freeview HD box, check your area. The coverage for Freeview HD isn’t great at the moment and you could well be waiting until 2012 like those in our city. Be sure to check out Freeview’s official website at For more information on IceCrypt products visit

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Rating: 9.3/10 (4 votes cast)
Icecrypt T2200 HD Freeview Box Review, 9.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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