Alan Baxter On July - 20 - 2010

Ninja Theory’s latest project Enslaved is due out in October this year and the third person action adventure game has been highly compared with Naughty Dog’s incredible Uncharted 2 which snatched up pretty much every award available last year.

Ninja Theory co-founder Tameem Antoniades has been speaking about the comparison with Uncharted 2 and said “It’s never good to be compared with something that’s already the pinnacle of its genre. It makes you slightly uneasy.”

“I’m okay with people comparing it to Uncharted [2] because it’s in the same genre. But, bloody hell, that’s a lot to live up to.”

“I’m not going to single out Uncharted [2], but the best games out there in storytelling still fall short of the nuances of films,” he declared.

“When we’re doing Enslaved and the story and the character and everything we’re not looking at other games, we’re looking at movies and achieving that level of cinematic performance.

“We’ve got a good shot at delivering a strong story where the talent behind it actually matters,” he added.

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  1. Craig Baker says:

    This game looks quite good and i am interested to see what they do with it.

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