Alan Baxter On July - 21 - 2010

High speed pursuits and tons of car action in Cologne: Publisher dtp entertainment and developer Synetic are proud to announce the release of Crash Time 4, the latest game in this fast-paced car action series, which will appear on PC and Xbox 360®. For the first time in the series, a multiplayer mode has been added to the game. Crash Time 4 allows up to eight players to play challenges online.

In single player mode, which has also been completely re-designed, players are chasing down a criminal syndicate, whose members are trying to stop the police and gain control over the scenic city of Cologne. Based on the German TV series “Alarm für Cobra 11” (known as “Cobra 11” or “Autobahn Cop” in several countries), players slip into the roles of the two highway cops Semir and Ben, the TV series’ main characters. Thus, players go through various missions based on the events of the TV series.

While patrolling the breathtaking German city of Cologne, Semir and Ben are called to various action-packed police operations. While responding to these calls, players also need to neatly monitor the streets. Criminal subjects and members of the syndicate are scattered all over the street. Semir and Ben need to force them to reveal hints that will lead the cops to their hideouts - in order to bring the syndicates’ organized criminal activities to an end.

Developer Synetic virtually rebuilt more than 100 kilometres of Cologne’s streets, highways and beautiful sceneries, including world famous sightseeing spots such as the Cologne cathedral and the Rhine river bridges. Crash Time 4 offers more than eight square kilometres of gameplay world and more than 40 different cars.

dtp entertainment is going to publish Crash Time 4 in Q4 2010 for PC and Xbox 360®, the video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

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