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Lumi Review
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If you ever thought that Microsoft’s console was lacking some invention and some charm then you only need to look on the indie platform to find developers covering that gap that Microsoft have clearly not taken a massive shine to. Kydos Studios latest game Lumi, combines beautiful hand drawn visuals, colourful and relaxing game play, coupled with a physics based control system that is both challenging and fresh. Kydos have already had one success over the last 12 months alone with the release of Soul, so it’s hardly a surprise that there new offering would be interesting.

Just switching back to Soul, it’s unfortunate that they updated the game recently to get rid of the shrieking girl so much. This is apparently due to complaints, but I personally loved shitting my pants every 5 minutes. You knew the scream was coming but at the same time it still scared you half to death. Lumi on the other hand is serene visually and audibly so it’s a massive change for the developers from the rather freaky Soul. The premise of the game is to guide your creature around stages plunged in darkness and find firefly’s. By feeding the fire fly’s to the light tree’s you’ll be able to bring the world back into light. A nice concept. Where the games unique control system comes along is that your creature is magnetised and must travel around magnetised rings which can attract and repel off of each other.

Controls take place on the trigger buttons for the most part and initially the red and blue ring combination can be a little fiddly. As soon as you know the concepts of magnetism you’ll be able to use repelling techniques to travel between the rings dotted around the level with ease. It feels fresh, we certainly cannot think of any other game to apply the same concept. You are not expected to light all of the tree’s in each level to progress within the level, however to get 100% completion, you’ll need to light them all. The game gradually increases in difficulty, more traversing and some obstacles and traps will make you carefully navigate the stages but there is nothing here that will frustrate you, but at the same time still offer a decent challenge.

Lumi has illuminated the Xbox Indie games arena, which for the last month or so has become stale with some very shit games. Kydos have once again produced another gem and it’s little wonder that this game won the Build, Dream, Play contest recently. Another fantastic effort and at a steal price too!

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