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Fishdom 2 [PC]
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Fishdom 2 comes to you from the lovely people of Playrix who have also put out Royal Envoy which you may recall me doing a review and James doing the preview for awhile back. Playrix is kind of known for their basic yet entertaining titles with vibrant colors and music. They have a sort of friendly feel to their games which is a nice change of pace for when I get bored of sniping heads off and destroying dragons with enchanted swords.

Unfortunately this title is not among the great games Playrix is known to put out. Fishdom 2 is, for all intents and purposes, FishVille meets Bejeweled. If you don’t know, FishVille is a game on Facebook where you literally just decorate a fish tank. The Bejeweled part of the game is how you earn money to afford such luxuries, and in my opinion the only enjoyable part of the game.

You have two modes to chose from when starting off your first match; Relaxed and Against the Clock. These are pretty straight forward and for review purposes, I chose relaxed.

Clipboard02 21 1024x640 Fishdom 2 [PC]

So basically as I’ve said, you’ll need money to improve your fish tank and continue on with the game. This is where the Bejeweled clone kicks off.
You’re presented with a board, each board will differ with every level to keep things from becoming mundane. Different tile themes are also recycled but there’s not enough to feel like there’s much randomness to the whole thing.
Clipboard031 1024x640 Fishdom 2 [PC]

Each board has yellow blocks which you’ll need to remove to complete that particular level. In order to gain any sort of points, including removing the yellow blocks, you need to make a match. Matches can be made with three or more of the same tile either vertically or horizontally. Match three or more over a yellow block and it will clear it from the board and adding $1 to your funds. There are, however, explosives you’ll acquire during these levels to make things a bit more fun.

The explosive I saw the most was the Depth Bomb.
Clipboard052 Fishdom 2 [PC]
You’ll gain this baby after making a match of five or more tiles and packs a punch of destroying within a two block radius.
Clipboard101 1024x640 Fishdom 2 [PC]

The next explosive, and the most useless, is aptly named Firecracker.
Clipboard083 Fishdom 2 [PC]
This little bitch comes when you achieve a cascade match of five or more falling tiles. They’re annoying and weak, only a one block radius.
Clipboard091 1024x640 Fishdom 2 [PC]

One of the better explosives is a Dynamite Charge.
Clipboard142 Fishdom 2 [PC]

They’re a bit harder to get since they require a match of six or more tiles at once but pack quite a punch destroying within a three block radius.
Clipboard151 1024x640 Fishdom 2 [PC]

The final, and easily the best explosive, is simply named Lightning.
Clipboard113 Fishdom 2 [PC]

Once you’ve used seven explosives in a single match, this baby will appear. Simply switch it with one of the surrounding tiles and it will destroy every single of that one on the board. This is incredibly useful if you’re having trouble with a match and it just so happens to be next to a Lightning.
Clipboard121 1024x640 Fishdom 2 [PC]

To keep the game from becoming too easy, different types of tiles will make it onto the board adding a pebble in your shoe. Some times yellow blocks will be chained, the way around this is to make a match and the chain will snap, make another match as you normally would and this will remove the yellow block. When there’s two chains, simply make a match twice to bring the block to normal.
Clipboard16 1024x640 Fishdom 2 [PC]

As you can also see, stones will come into play. Any tile inside the stone cannot be moved, you must make a match of whichever tile is stuck inside to break the stone, then it will turn into a yellow tile and just repeat the process you’ve been doing. Why? To decorate your fish tank of course!

Clipboard01hg 1024x640 Fishdom 2 [PC]

Your fish will want stupid crap like a lawnmower, frogs chillin’ in lounge chairs, lights, other fish and purple hippos.. all of which cost money. Each item has a level to it, the higher the level, the more it will fill up the corresponding bar on the type right corner. Once you’ve filled all three bars to 100%, you’ll gain a bronze cup for that tank, the bar resets and you start all over. Basically this works past the Silver Cup right up to Gold and that’s when you realize you’re wasting your time with this game. What can you do once you get a Gold Cup? BUY ANOTHER TANK AND DO THE WHOLE DAMN THING ALL OVER AGAIN! FUCK YEAH!

There’s no sense of satisfaction to the game, once you get a Gold Cup on a tank you kind of feel like you just wasted a lot of time doing nothing but playing an overly exaggerated Facebook game that you PAID FOR. Yes, it looks pretty but that’s not enough to sell it. There’s only a short amount of songs, I think I heard like four different tracks and only one of them was tolerable enough for me not to rip my ears off and shove nails into my eardrums.

Even the beautiful colors couldn’t save this incredibly repetitive game. I lost interest once I finished my first fish tank, horrible replay value. 2/5

Matt Fitzgerald
US Correspondent

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Fishdom 2 [PC], 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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    Noticed a small mistake, Depth Bomb comes after a match of five. Fixed.

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