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M.U.D TV Review (PC)
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M.U.D TV (or Mad Ugly Dirty Television as its actually called) by Kalypso attempts to do for television, what The Movies did for.. well movies. You play as Matt who after getting thrown out of University for being a know-it-all and EVIL AS swears vengeance and decides to take over the world by using TV.

To do that, he goes out and gets a job. That’s right.. No creating a TV company out of millions or becoming the secret president of a station like in the cartoons, Matt has to get a job where he has to punch in and out….

You begin the game with a floor of a skyscraper that you share with other networks, with no programming to show and little cash, and have to purchase shows through an agent to air. These shows are of pretty lousy quality and pull in a meager share of the target viewing demographic. You can then arrange before the program starts for adverts to be shown during the breaks to earn you your cash, but you have to make sure that your program will attract the demographic that the advert is aimed at otherwise you could wind up losing money. With any money made, you can then begin the process of upgrading your floor to screen newscasts, write original screenplays, and film your own shows.

Your first task each day is setting up your shows for the day and once done you begin the daily grind. Being the director of a network, you would think that you could leave the producing of a show to your minions but nothing would get done without you being there. To get a show made you have to head to the writers office, and arrange the staff, wait for them to finish, put the script in your briefcase and take it to the studio to record it. Once filmed, its back in your briefcase to be taken to the archives and stored there. Finally you head back to your office where you can then assign it to a timeslot. The same goes for adverts. You head down to ground to speak to the advert rep and pick up some for your hot show. You add them to your briefcase and then have to trek to your archive to add them. It seems that no-one has ever heard of emailing or networking and you have to do all the legwork across your entire floor. Wasn’t that what PA’s and runners were hired for? You do however get to see your show as it appears at the bottom of your screen.

Looking around MudTV’s forums there are posts aplenty about crashes and glitches however in my time playing the game I didn’t experience any. The game graphically is pleasing enough with its bright colours and over the top sets with its specs decent enough to allow most people to play with no stuttering.

My main concern with the game is its ability to keep things fresh. Your days will soon start becoming very methodical. Lineup your shows, assign your adverts and then trek back and forth writing a new program and getting the news filmed. The only challenge becomes upping the quality of the shows you produce. Trying to out shine rival networks winds up becoming a pain as you only find out they have a better show on once your’s airs and you suddenly find you dont have enough viewers for your adverts.

MudTV is a decent enough game if your looking for something to keep you occupied for a weekend or 2 but will be back in its case gathering dust before your favourite series on TV ends.

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Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote cast)
M.U.D TV Review (PC), 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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