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Madden NFL 11 Review
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Twenty-Two years. That is how long John Madden football games have graced our consoles. With new features like three on three co-op, dual stick controls, and the new Gameflow system, EA Madden NFL 11 looks to be one of the best installments of the franchise to date. With a new simpler and quicker type of play style, EA Tiburon looks to make the Madden franchise more accessible to younger generations, and other people who have been playing the game for the past 20+ years. Can EA pull it off and still keep the hardcore fans, like myself, happy with the new style of gameplay?

The first and most obvious thing you are going to notice that is different about this game is the new Gameflow system. This basically allows you to play through an entire game without ever having to look at a playbook. It makes the game fast paced and gives it a more authentic feel. In the NFL, quarterbacks have speakers in their helmets so that they can get the plays directly from the coach. And with the new Gameflow system you get the same feeling as if you yourself were down there on the field receiving orders from the sidelines. If you are wearing an Xbox Live headset, the coach’s voice will come through and let you know the present situation and what you are looking to do on the next play. This really does seem to shine a little bit more if you have a proper gaming headset, like my Turtle Beach X41’s.

madden 11 tom cable Madden NFL 11 Review

Coach Tom Cable Calling the Plays

With the addition of the new Gameflow system, you are also allowed to create a game plan before you head out with your troops on Sunday. You can let the game know what types of plays you would call in certain situations and then in the game the coach will call plays based on what you have worked out in the game plan.

The in game controls are all basically the same with a few slight changes. Pre snap you no longer have to press y and search though a bunch of options to move players around the field. EA has streamlined the process by putting all of the pre snap adjustment controls on the D-pad. You can now press linebackers, change receiver routes, and adjust defensive coverage with the quick touch of a button. You also no long have to hold down the right trigger when running with the ball. You only need to be concerned with dodging all of your would be tacklers.

All of your favorite game modes are here in Madden NFL 11. Franchise mode, allowing you to play as your favorite team, and take them through thirty seasons of games and try to win the coveted Superbowl. You can also create your very own superstar and get drafted into the NFL. You can then play until you retire and attempt to get in the Hall of Fame, marking your place as a true legend of the grid iron. Ultimate Team, which was introduced last year, also makes a comeback, allowing you to create your very own team, including uniforms and stadium.

Raiders Rookie Rolando McClain Ready to Make the Big Hit!!!

The multiplayer in Madden is as good as ever, and shows off the fact that they are the bar that every football game should aspire to be like. You can play ranked matches, player matches, and even online franchise. This year also grows on last year’s introduction of co-op, and increases the number of players from two, to three a side. This adds a whole new depth to the mode and makes it much easier to coordinate with your teammates. Basically you can have one guy controlling the linemen, one on the linebackers, and finally the third man can take care of things in the defensive backfield. And same thing basically goes for offense as well.

The visuals of the game are top notch. Player likenesses get better every year, and this time around it is no different. You can count every blade of grass of the field, lighting is super-realistic, and before each game starts up, you are treated to a bit of ambience as you get to see players arriving at the stadium, crowd shots, and even your team getting pumped up in the tunnel right before they explode through fireworks onto the field.

The sound for the game could be described as nothing less than bone-crunching. You can almost feel every hit as you try to pound your way up the middle. The soundtrack, as in every Madden game is fucking epic. You could start the game up and just let the menu run if you have friends over. Featuring songs by such rock legends as Ozzy Ozbourne, AC/DC, and KISS, plus some newer tracks as well, the music is just as good as ever, if not better. The soundtrack also plays an important part during games, as it blares over the stadiums sound system between plays.

The achievements for this game honestly couldn’t be any simpler, for the most part. You can easily get theng by setting the game to rookie difficulty or rig up another controller and force them to happen. Most difficult achievement goes to Madden Moments. This requires you to clear all of the Madden Moments challenges. These moments have you placed in a real life game situation that has actually occurred, and you are either forced to repeat the moments or sometimes make it so these moments don’t happen, changing the course of sports history.

Superbowl MVP Drew Brees Dons the Cover This Year

At its core, Madden NFL 11 is the same game I have grown up with. Every year the graphics and game play get better, and this year it’s no different. The Gameflow system isn’t really my cup of tea. I am a bit more of a hardcore fan, and I prefer to call all of my own plays in the traditional style. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad, all the new additions to the game make it a better overall experience. And if you don’t like the new features, for the most part you can change everything to the more traditional style of playing you might be used to. If you are a fan of football get this game. If your sports fan, but have felt intimidated by madden games of previous years, this is the year to get in on the action and start playing yourself some Madden, because this is the best one to date.

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Madden NFL 11 Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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