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Starcraft II [PC]
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Starcraft is arguably one of the most well-known, played, and best PC game of all time. Nearly twelve years later and the sequel has finally arrived.

The campaign comes equipped with four difficulties; Casual, Normal, Hard, and the ever so inviting sound of Brutal. The story takes place four years after the Brood Wars with Jim Raynor leading a revolutionary group, who call themselves Raynor’s Raiders, to overthrow the Dominion Emperor Arcturus Mengsk. The game opens up with Firefly themed western-scifi cutscene of a rather rugged Raynor in a slum pub drowning his memories with alcohol whilst a news broadcast of a rebellion is playing on the TV.

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The first mission throws you right into the action with your rebellion by liberating a local population from the dictatorship of Dominion, propaganda is painted all over the town, feel free to destroy holoboards of Mengsk.

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As you free the civilians, they’ll join the fight to free themselves by tossing firebombs at the Dominion troops; it’s a pretty awesome sight. The objective for this particular mission is to destroy the logistic headquarters, do that and you’ve completed your first victory towards the step of freedom and clearing your name! With each mission you complete, the news will show how heavily censored it is with each broadcast slanted towards the Dominion and further trying to prove you to be a terrorist by ignoring the reporters details. It’s pretty entertaining, I found myself wondering “How will the slant this one?” each time. If you destroy all the Mengsk holograms, and let Raynor acquire five kills you’ll get a couple achievements for that. It’s easier to send Raynor in first with each battle; he’s pretty powerful so you needn’t worry about his status too much.

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Tychus Findlay joins the fray with a small introduction and catching up between Tychus and Raynor. Tychus informs Raynor that he has a job to do for some buyers, steal an artifact Dominion has been digging for for quite some time. They think it holds some sort of secretive power, and it’s worth a lot of money so Raynor agrees and this begins the second mission; you’re first taste of the strategy Starcraft is so well known for.

You must destroy the Dominion forces and bases to take over the crane and grab the artifact for yourself, so you’re placed with a few SCV’s to begin building your forces. Once you place down some barracks and supply depots, head off to your thieving and thus dealing another blow to Dominions grip over the people.

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While this mission was exciting, the next one is even better.

Once you have the artifact in place, you’re waiting for it to be picked up but instantly attacked by the Zerg! Pick up is in twenty minutes so you must hold off for that long, with each ticking minute the attacks become more and more intense. If you’re great at defending, you won’t have any problems, you’ll only need to press an attack if you want to save some civilians when they call out for help. After the twenty minutes are up, you’re treated to a sexy cut scene of the Hyperion flying into the fray and raping the shit out of the Zerg. It’s a beautiful site.

Clipboard20 1024x640 Starcraft II [PC]

The game then takes you into the battleship Hyperion with a news briefing showing that Kerrigan was in fact behind the random Zerg attack. The story takes an epic turn from here which I’ll spare you the details for obvious reasons. It’s easily one of the best stories I’ve ever played in a video game and a fantastic ending to this chapter of the series.

The Hyperion is a pretty awesome setting for the game; you have several places you can visit after a few side missions. The side missions aren’t mandatory but incredibly helpful as you’ll gain new units, and earn extra credits for improving said units. They vary differently and aren’t the usual “HALP US OBI-RAYNOR UR OUR ONLY HOPE!” generic shit. One will involve you destroying buildings and civilians that are plagued with some sort of Zerg infestation, whilst another is rather crucial and gives you your first new unit, the Firebat.

The four places on the Hyperion you can visit include the Cantina which is just a bar if you don’t know what a cantina is, here you can talk to Tychus, buy Mercs from Hill or even play an arcade machine.

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The game is called The Lost Viking which, if you know your gaming history, is an easteregg to Blizzard’s classing Lost Vikings. Instead of playing as a real Viking, you play as the ship Viking in a top-down scrolling shooter in glorious HD. It’s incredibly fun and a nice break from doing missions. If you’re familiar with games like 1942, Raiden, or Gradius, it plays very much the same.

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The Bridge is basically where you’ll grab your missions. You can view the star map and get a detailed look into each planet, talk to Matt Horner or a little more with Tychus.

336 md Starcraft II [PC]

In the Armory, you can upgrade your troops and bases using credits. Each unit you acquire will be viewed standing in the base and clicking on them will bring up an animated detailed look into a short history and their stats.

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The laboratory is where you’ll get to talk to the super nerdy Stetmann whose voice actor also did Kevin French for the cartoon Mission Hill, pretty much uses the same voice. He’s done many other characters as well.
Clipboard26 1024x640 Starcraft II [PC]

Anyway, here you’ll use the Protoss and Zerg training you find throughout missions to gain extra features in the game. It opens up much like a talent tree in most MMO’s with a list of skills, what they do, and a clip demoing the skill in action, it’s fucking awesome. Some skills will include a turret atop bunkers, drop ships to move your troops more efficiently, and a tower that mind controls enemy units to your command.

Overall the games campaign focuses mainly on Raynor and his crew, reveals a secret mission Tychus has kept from everyone until the end, awesome twists and great cinematics. The game is broken up into a trilogy with the next title releasing being dubbed Heart of the Swarm which focuses more on the Zerg, and Kerrigan, with the third and still unnamed title being the focus of the Protoss. Both will naturally include new units, updated multiplayer changes and thankfully priced as a regular expansion pack.

The multiplayer is where I fall short. I don’t particularly play well in competitions with this sort of genre as I’m the type who takes their time gathering resources and forces and because of this I usually just play with my personal/online mates; playing a randomly matched player results in me getting my ass handed to me with my pride and confidence shoved up the colon like some sort of stuffing in a turkey.

For obvious reasons, many of the single player features with the units and base upgrades are not available in the multiplayer. It would leave the game incredibly broken since all the upgrades are for the Terran and would leave Blizzard to reveal what the Zerg and Protoss units have in store for the future additions to the game. But because of this, the multiplayer rather bores me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still as wonderful as ever but after getting a taste of pyromaniac marines and panther/wolf like units that decimate everything in its path with a fury not even a roid raged Chris Benoit could match up to left me a feeling of an understandable watered down Starcraft. Many would disagree as they purchase this game mainly for the multiplayer but that’s just my take on it. I’m hoping after the final expansion is released, the multiplayer will include all updates to units and buildings that the single player wonderfully tickles our naughty bits with. They really are spectacular.

Some of the multiplayer features an achievement system, which is always nice; stats to keep track of how you play, wins and losses, and the usual stuff like that. You can play versus an AI by yourself or cooperatively to hone your skills, do 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 with friends and ranked matches for their new Leagues & Ladders system. Everything is set up for the ideal multiplayer experience that you’ll be enjoying for years to come.

It’s been a great pleasure to review this huge and highly anticipated release of the year and I very much enjoyed every minute of it. I look forward to bringing you reviews of the remaining releases in the future. Purchase this game immediately if you had not done so already, you won’t regret it.

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Rating: 10.0/10 (3 votes cast)
Starcraft II [PC], 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
  • https://?u=craigbaker Craig Baker

    Great fucking game. I just wish my rig could run at ultra.

  • https://?u=kiffar kiffar

    I love this game, but still only play multiplayer with friends I know IRL. Some people are just too good and it removes the fun of it for me.

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