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Monday Night Combat Review
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So far during the second annual Summer of Arcade we have been treated with three solid XBLA titles. This week the fourth game has been released. Monday Night Combat is a class based third-person based shooter with tower defense elements mixed in, that was developed by Uber Entertainment using the Unreal Engine.

Monday Night Combat is a very basic concept and is split into two different modes, each involving protecting and/or destroying a moneyball. In Blitz, which can be played solo or with up to three friends/strangers online, as well as local split screen, is a type of horde mode where you are required to defend your moneyball from progressively difficult enemies. You and your three friends won’t really be alone though as there are plenty of turrets you can build and upgrade to aid in your defense.

Moving up the lines!!!

The other game mode is a competitive multiplayer mode called crossfire. In crossfire each team has a moneyball and whoever destroys the other teams ball first wins. The way you destroy the enemy ball is by ushering bots up the left and right sides of the map so that they get to the enemy ball and bring down the shields so your team can begin rinsing the moneyball with every bullet, grenade, or swipe of the sword your team can throw at it. In each match you are given 15 minutes to take down the ball otherwise the game goes into two minute overtime where everyone’s skills get increased and both moneyballs drop and no longer require bots to bring them down.

When playing either mode, the most important strategic decision you will be forced to make is selecting which of the six diverse classes you will choose to be. First off we have the assault class. Basic run and gun class, features a jet pack, machine gun and grenade launcher. The assassin is a class that allows you to take the fight up close and personal with melee attacks and sneaky invincibility. Then there are the two heavy classes, the tank and gunner. Gunner acts like a mobile turret, while the tank shoots a focused type of laser beam. Rounding out the classes are the sniper and the support classes. Support class can build, hack, and repair turrets as well as heal teammates.

Six Classes to Choose From

The graphics in MNC are terrific. Animation and art style, which is undeniably inspired by Team Fortress, are fresh and vibrant. The textures all look really polished, and apart from a few rare frame rate issues, the game engine holds up really well even during intense online battles with tons of bots on the screen at the same time. The sound in the game is extremely entertaining. Fun cartoon sound effects fill the atmosphere and the over the top commentator at times is side splittingly funny.

Monday Night Combat has 12 achievements which add up to the typical arcade game total of 200 potential gamerscore. Most of the achievements are pretty simple. The skill ones might be a little hard for some if you aren’t a top of the leader board type player, but luckily if you are desperate you can boost any achievement in a private match with a friend or by yourself with a second controller. Two avatar awards are also here which include an MNC t-shirt and a mask like the games mascot wears.


While being compared to a legendary game like Team Fortress might have put MNC in a position with some big shoes to fill, but Uber Entertainment delivers. The Horde mode is engaging and a lot of fun with friends. The multiplayer is extremely fun and rewarding. With a leveling up system and unlockable pro tags, similar to Modern Warfare 2’s titles, this game will keep you coming back for more beyond just picking up an easy 200 gamerscore. The only area this game falls short is in the lack of variety. Not having a few different types of multiplayer modes is the only thing holding back Monday Night Combat from being a perfect game. That aside Monday Night Combat is a lot of fun and should be enjoyed by everybody. If you don’t believe me, just go check out the trial which even lets you jump in to a game with your friends who may already own the game. And don’t forget, Bacon FTW!!! Just play it, you will see what I mean.

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Rating: 9.8/10 (4 votes cast)
Monday Night Combat Review, 9.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
  • https://?u=kiffar kiffar

    I love this game, played two rounds off the trial and unlocked it immediately afterward.

  • https://?u=craigbaker Craig Baker

    I know, its so much fun. Send me a friend request and we will play together some time. JOKER NJ732….theres a space in the middle.

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