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Shark or Die Review
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If you were unfortunate enough to go see Piranha 3D you may be wondering what else can I get out there that can soften the blow for the £10.00 I paid for my cinema ticket. Fortunately on the iPhone there is a game that is much better than the film and takes some of that sting away nicely. More akin to JAWS than Piranha Shark or Die is a nice little twitch game on the iPhone that is absolutely free. The Ad-supported game is very easy to play, your job as the shark is to kill humans, chow down on them and keep yourself a live by consuming huge amounts of clitoris all-sorts and tasty balls. Well, that’s not exactly the case but I’m sure if the director of Piranha 3D got his hands on this game he’d embed a penis being chewed off somewhere. The game is level based, with you pitching yourself against more difficult waves, humans have the ability to save themselves by climbing aboard a boat but most of the time they simply are not fast enough.

Shark or Die is very quick and fast to play, each wave lasts around 30 seconds, so this type of game is very good for a quick boredom fix. One of the dissatisfying areas of the game is that your finger is often over the shark when you want to see the humans get mauled, an unfortunate downside for those with sausage fingers like myself. The game has an online scoring system and a VIP area which is my favorite part of the game. If there is someone you do not like, name them as a VIP. When you play the game they will come up as a human sunbathing on a lilo in the sea, it’s all the more satisfying seeing a shark eating them.

Graphically the game is sound, the music is pretty good too, with the voice-over work having a punch of comedy to it. Not enough gore for me but that’s a personal preference. If your lust for gore isn’t satisfied enough, being a free game HandyGames have sought to make some money from the game with mini add on packs. There is a pack to add more blood and gore, a pack to add more bikini girls and a pack to add more sharks. If you can find yourself craving for more then these add-on packs will satisfy your hunger for human flesh. Personally the game is very much a passing thing, it doesn’t have the sticking power of the likes of Paper Toss and it’ll soon be deleted off my phone. It’s not a bad game in the slightest, but it isn’t addictive either.

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Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote cast)
Shark or Die Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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