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Guns’n’Glory Review
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The tower defence genre has been exploited a million times already but developers Handy Games have managed to create a game which brings innovative new ideas to the genre and a twist on what you’d normally see from a Western styled game. If like myself you’re bored of always being the good guy and seeing a happy ending then you’ll be pleased with what the creative minds at Handy Games thought up. The tide gets turned in their latest game Guns’n’Glory which has you controlling the bad guys, in this case a bunch of blood and money thirsty bandits in the Wild West whose goal is to stop helpless settlers from travelling through the canyons you reside in. Gunning down peaceful men, woman and horses could be seen as a controversial issue by some and therefore if you’re one of these morally correct people, go and plant some trees instead of enjoying this fun game.

Starting off with a small amount of Gold, you must select which units you wish to control by paying them a certain amount of Gold and waking them up from their nap. There are 5 different types of units to control throughout your experience with Guns’n’Glory and the more effective units will require you to splash out more of your hard earnt money to acquire their services. Normal gun shooting bandits cost 75 Gold, with dynamite throwing Mexicans costing 100, fire-arrow shooting Indians costing 125 Gold, Cannons costing 150 Gold and finally the lethal Gattling Gun breaking the bank balance. Dispersing of your enemies (the good guys!) rewards you with more Gold so you can wake up more units and defend the canyon more effectively. You can also upgrade your units in the later levels of the game and therefore decide between buying more units or making your existing units more deadly.

Each level in the game contains a number of different spawn points that the settlers can come from and thankfully a red arrow indicates which area you must defend. However, more settlers often start spawning from other entrances of the map throughout levels and therefore you must re-position your units or wake up new units using your Gold to effectively cover all areas of the map. The ability to simply move your units around the map by clicking on them and tapping on the area you want them to move too adds a strategic element to the game that many tower defence games lack. Trying to find the perfect balance of your units to defend certain areas can be a nice challenge at times; do you evenly spread out your units around the map or strongly protect one area and risk getting over-run at another area? The choice is yours.

You will fail the level if you allow 50 lucky settlers through the canyon without ending their lives. The settlers will tell the local Sheriff who will come and lay the smackdown on your gang, and you certainly don’t want that. The game spans over 10 different levels/canyons you’ve got to defend and this will consume around 2 hours of your time. Unfortunately there isn’t any reason to come back to the game after finishing the levels unless you wish to replay them, and this may make some gamers question when the $2.99/£1.79 asking price is a bit steep. The map which you select which level to play display “Mississippi… Coming soon…” and this suggests that download content and new levels might be coming in the future.

Apart from the lack of replayability and possibly the limited amount of units you get to operate, my only other issue with the game is the lack of a fast forward feature. After the settlers have spawned from all of the entrances in a level and you’ve set up your units for maximum effectiveness, it would be nice to be able to speed up and level instead of having to wait and watch the inevitable happen. This isn’t a huge issue but a fix in a future update would be welcomed. The graphics in Guns’n’Glory certainly won’t let you down as the Wild West is themed brilliantly with sharp, colourful graphics, nice character and level design and with a catchy soundtrack to boot.

If you’re looking for a new tower defence game or simply enjoy wild west themed games, you should check out Guns’n’Glory. I highly recommend at least trying out the free version which is ridden with advertisements, and if you enjoy this version which I think you will, I encourage you to support Handy Games and buy what is an well done and addictive tower defence game.

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