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Blade Kitten Review
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It’s like dry cat food, whilst adequate and fine in its own right, it’s not exactly a treat. You’ll never hear the cat purr with delight, nor do I when it comes to playing Blade Kitten. You play a bounty hunter called Kit Ballard who is half human, half cat and you will roam around in the side scrolling world of Hollow Wish taking down huge amounts of robotic enemies in your travels through various environments. Throughout the game you’ll meet various characters and all of the FMV’s are rendered in an anime art style. These cut-scenes are very pretty to look at, but to say there is a real sense of story going here would be a complete false paradigm.

BladeKittenReview1 Blade Kitten Review

There are some funny characters that you’ll meet, one of which is an alien like market trader whom you can buy sword upgrades and new outfits from throughout the game and one of the most likeable elements of Blade Kitten is deviating from the main path and finding the hidden treasure boxes which can be used to purchase said items. The ability to unlock different dresses was pretty cool and I can imagine that’ll be an appealing addition for some gamers, seeing Kit Ballard run around in her pyjamas was particularly funny.

The biggest draw for the game is the combat, it works really well. You can run and super jump, use your Darque Blade close and long range, produce a shield bubble and dig your blade into terrain to hang onto certain areas throughout the game. Hack and slash is very much order of the day but a few enemies will make you change up your attacking style, enemies with lasers will have you bopping around avoiding their rays and ones with knives will require you to use your bubble shield until there is an attacking opportunity to take them out. For all intensive purposes the combat works fine, it could have done with a few additional moves, especially considering the story doesn’t hold your attention. The enemy variety is also very much on the low scale, especially until around the third hour of playing.

Krome Studios have put a couple of nice touches into the game, after a couple of levels you’ll get to ride an Alien mount which can run at high speed through the terrain demolishing before its path. You’ll even be running away from a boss that takes up the whole screen too, which was a nice unexpected event. In the game you also can collect different coloured hex’s which is the games currency, these will buy the outfits and swords that you unlocked, as well as potions to raise your health. When you die, you do regenerate pretty close by, so these health tonics seem all rather pointless.

Graphically the game is very pretty in places, at least when you are above ground. Any levels taking place below ground often use pink, purple and clay like tones that become all too familiar. My gripe with the graphics is the foreground and background representation. When you play you’ll find Kit cutting through the foreground with a circle around her to show that she is in-between two sides of terrain. What is the point? She either walks past an object which the camera can not see her or not, don’t ruin the graphical style. It also means Krome missed a trick with the possibilities of stealth using this feature. You could have hidden Kit behind one of these areas to avoid her being seen. This doesn’t happen in the game and subsequently it can make it look ugly in places.

The game is very repetitive and the lack of level screens doesn’t make you feel you are progressing anywhere, apart from a new character interacting with you talking about stuff you couldn’t care about. I wouldn’t mind hack and slashing my way through a game if the story was good, it’d what I did with Onimusha and it’s the same thing I did but with guns in The Shadow Complex but to throw in a moronic plotline really takes away from the game. Had the plotline been engrossing we’d quite happily killed through reams of the same enemies to reward ourselves with another beautiful cut scene. Whilst Blade Kitten’s cut scenes are beautiful and the combat is fluid, the rest of the game feels like dried cat food. It tastes good to begin with but shortly after you’ll often go looking for the good stuff.

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Rating: 5.5/10 (2 votes cast)
Blade Kitten Review, 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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