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Eurogamer: Brink Multiplayer Hands On

A hectic queue but I got there early. Brink had to be the second hottest anticipated game available at Eurogamer Expo but for me it walked away the very best. I must make an omission at this point. I never got to play Killzone 3, Dead Space 2 or Bulletstorm but up against everything else it was absolutely sublime. Ironic then that Brink was announced at Eurogamer 2009 and the queue then just to get a glimpse was almost outside of the building.

As we queued up there were two plasma screens explaining the game and its unique functions. Objectives were also distributed of which I was on the defending team. It’s the objectives that are most interesting. Your not capturing a flag, your not just killing for score, you are actually carrying out mission based objectives like destroying key infrastructure and escorting pieces of equipment to key areas. On the attacking team they needed to move a laser cutter in place to a freight containing to cut through and steal the vaccine. Where Brink differs is the fact that prior to the match taking place there is an FMV outlining the objectives and adding a sense of story and urgency to the multiplayer events. They feel like they have true substance.

Before I talk about the combat, I want to mention the customisation. I was astounded by how much detail you can go into when doing this. You can customise every part of your character. You can add facial tattoos, change the camouflage of your gear and also add grips, bigger magazines and modify recoil on your guns. Menu presentation is easy to navigate and easy to understand the core statistics. Graphically the game looks like a much better looking Borderlands with the cell shading not as intense and the environments more detailed and more vibrant with colour. Where the game draws comparisons with other games is the character movement (Mirrors Edge) class system (Team Fortress 2) and bleed-out (Shadowrun). The character classes range from Operative, Medic, Mechanic and Soldier and for each character you can distribute a special weapon or particular skill to aid your objectives.

Being a medic you can revive others and distribute health to them, you can also revive yourself when you are dead by injecting yourself. I like being a medic, you have a real sense of purpose, not to go shooting people up (though you can still do this) but focus on keeping your team alive. The mechanic will allow to rejuvenate the condition of other soldiers guns, set up gun turrets and be the key to solving some of the objectives in the game. With soldiers you can share the ammunition and throw Molotov’s, unfortunately I never got to play with an operative as I was too busy enjoying being a medic. When infiltrating the enemies base you can also guise as an enemy yourself by wearing your combatants clothing, a nice clever touch which will add a real strategy to the game.

How does the game feel? It feels great, using LB to sprint feels as true and as pure as Mirrors Edge, leaping over walls, jumping up onto containers are a nice touch. I just wished there was a way to roll out of a high jump, unfortunately that doesn’t appear to be an option. You can slide into cover too causing for some nice gun play. The guns feel well balanced and getting a kill doesn’t require shooting a whole clip into someone either. Every time you re-spawn you can use the core computer and change your class, load out and look. When you do die you can ask to be revived, saving you precious time if you are in a good location. Brink feels instantly addictive, its game maps are large but not stupidly big that it takes away the intensity and the objectives are interesting enough to make you come back for more. There is no doubt in my mind that Brink could be set to be one of the best shooters for a very long time. It also comes across as a game that requires team work as opposed to people camping and cheating their way up the ranks.

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