Tom McKeating On October - 4 - 2010

Now, Vegas Gold is a bit of a weird one for me to review. Vegas Gold is based upon the American version of the TV game show ‘Deal or No Deal’, which is –from what I can gather- similar to the English version, with the only differences being that the 26 boxes containing 26 different sums of money are held by 26 scantily clad women (A welcome addition ). The reason as to why it’s a strange one to review is simple: I hate TV game shows. All of them. And, at the pinnacle of my hatred – lies Deal or No Deal. This mainly due to the pathetic, lowest genome of the human form which can usually be observed on the show, sharing their ridiculous sob stories and life stories: ‘my cat choked on a quaver *sob*, so I’m doing this for her’. So for this review, I had to throw my feelings towards this game and stay objective.

Deal Or No Deal Vegas Gold iPhone Deal Or No Deal Vegas Gold Review

Vegas Gold has attempted to breathe a new lease of life into the game show, which has had a game on the app store since 2008 by, guess what? Yup…. Taking it to Vegas. The game sets you as a newcomer to Sin City, with your sob story obviously not good enough to get you onto the main show, you are tasked with earning a place on the show. To do this, you must take your starting $500 and earn enough money from the blackjack table - which is the only game available until you unlock others (Blackjack, Texas Hold ‘em, Slots, Roulette and Craps) – and gradually earn enough to buy yourself ontothe show. One of the most pointless, ridiculous and flimsy story lines I’ve ever seen: What is the point of buying your way onto a show where you may lose all of the money you have won?

The touch controls are horribly inaccurate and make the game experience troublesome and even sap the enjoyability out of the game, which, considering the awful story – could’ve redeemed the game with some nice casino based game play. The aforementioned scantily clad women also could’ve helped enhance the gameplay but the visuals are shall we say – below par. Put it this way, it’s more cone than curve.

You can skip straight to the actual Deal or No Deal experience by selecting Quickplay, which in essence is what most DoND fans will do. The weak story and gameplay of the main mode is a bit of a waste of time and was a weird choice by the developers; and could possibly be construed as a waste of time on their part for the sake of trying to milk the franchise a bit more.

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